ESL Teacher Resume Sample With No Experience

Updated on: January 19, 2023

Most ESL teacher resumes are written and sent off through a digital channel. This works for everyone, including hiring managers who actually prefer an inbox that is full of resumes, rather than a desk overflowing with paper resumes!

Do what others are not doing nowadays. Send a paper resume. Even if you send one through an email, augmenting your candidature by sending it in paper form will work wonders for your chances to be called for an interview.

Hundreds of resumes are in the inbox versus some on the desk (considering others might have thought to do the same).

What has a better chance?

The latter, of course!

This can actually be quite workable for you if you are applying for a position for which you have had little or no experience i.e. an entry-level resume.

So begin typing on your word processor, feed the printer, and send a neatly printed resume to the hiring manager.

Here is a sample resume for an ESL teacher that you can look through to determine the format:

Sample Entry Level ESL Teacher Resume No Experience

4839 Greentree Drive
Aurora, MO 03900
(000) 999-1012


Highly effective teaching professional with strong skills in teaching English as a second language. Eager to impart lessons to students with different cultural, ethnic, and social backgrounds at ABC School by employing sensitivity and respect.

• Proficient in creating and implementing a dedicated curriculum to meet the variable English learning needs of students.
• Familiar with planning and delivering lessons to a range of classes and age groups.
• Adept at devising, writing, and producing audio and visual resources to assist in teaching English.
• Special talent for assessing individual students’ progress and devising and implementing intervention plans.

MA English
City Arts University, Aurora, MO – 2021

TESL – Teaching English as a Second Language
St James Academy, Aurora, MO – 2021


Substitute Teacher Internship
(11/2022 – 1/2023)
• Created and implement the core curriculum, based on each student’s specific needs
• Developed and implemented lesson plans in sync with students’ varying educational needs
• Researched teaching materials and developed resources to use during class instruction
• Imparted lessons in accordance with the curriculum
• Ensured that each student is on par with the information provided
• Answered students’ questions and assisted them in understanding difficult concepts
• Encouraged students to think on their own by inspiring them to work independently
• Marked and graded class assignments and homework
• Created and administered tests on a periodic basis
• Assessed students according to their individual milestones and created correlating reports
• Maintained student information in a safe and confidential manner

• Grammar fundamentals
• Vocabulary development
• Comprehension
• Research
• Language structure
• Assessment
• Targeted lesson planning
• Objective establishment
• Curriculum Development

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