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Bar Manager Resume Sample (+Job Description)

A bar manager is responsible for running a pub or a bar. The duties of a bar manager may range from managing and training staff, ensuring the implementation of hygiene-related procedures, and maintaining the quality of beverages and food served. It is a customer-centered hospitality industry position therefore the job requires excellent people skills and… Read More »

Transportation Supervisor Resume Sample

The transportation supervisor position requires basic know-how about the assigned routes and road conditions along with the ability to conduct pre-trip forecasting. The two most crucial skills needed for this job are written communication skills to generate monitoring reports and strong team management skills. In order to apply for a transportation supervisor job, you will… Read More »

Newspaper Carrier Resume Sample

A well-written newspaper carrier resume can land you the job you desire. It is always a good idea to craft your resume intelligently and tailor it for each specific position you apply for. Remember, your resume is your only chance to create a positive first impression on the potential recruiter. For this reason, it is always… Read More »

Career Counselor Resume Sample

Career counselors are responsible for providing career counseling and job-related guidance to clients. Their basic responsibility is to provide career-related guidance and counseling to students. They test their aptitude, analyze the student’s potential and guide them accordingly. While writing a career counselor resume, keep the following tips in mind: 1. Limit your resume to 1-2… Read More »

Case Manager Assistant Resume Sample

Case manager assistants are responsible for following many cases at a time. They are responsible for compiling data, organizing case files, keeping records of individual cases, and assessing the client’s needs. Case Manager Assistants work closely with clients as well as with case managers therefore this job demands exceptional communication skills. How to write a… Read More »

Small Business Owner Resume Sample

A small business owner might need a resume to rejoin the workforce, establish a new partnership, or while seeking additional income through consultancy. Any line of work, in form of a job or self-employment, yields a certain skill set that is not only marketable but also presentable in a resume. Skills to be showcased in… Read More »

Legislative Assistant Resume Example

Legislative assistants are responsible for assisting senior legislatures or elected house members in drafting, publications, and documentation of legislative practices. The position demands strong analytical and communication skills in addition to excellent writing skills and know-how of lawmaking documentation protocols. How to write an exceptional resume for the legislative assistant position? If you are looking… Read More »

Shop Attendant Resume Sample

A shop attendant is a person who works at a store or a franchise and assists the customers in selecting the products that suit their needs. In this role, you will be responsible for greeting customers, managing stock, keeping up display, and making financial transactions upon successful purchasing. How to write an effective resume for… Read More »