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About Us

CoverLettersAndResume.com (CLR) is a free career resource website for job seekers and HR professionals.

Founded in 2011, with the aim of providing job seekers with the best and free cover letters and resume samples online, we are committed to assisting job seekers from all over the worlds.

We know that the quality of your cover letter and resume matters. That’s why we have a team of dedicated content writers to create compelling samples for professionals and students looking for online assistance for their job search. Thousands of individuals successfully obtained jobs by using our free samples.

This site also contains other career-related content such as job descriptions, how-to articles, interview questions and answers, and recommendation and resignation letters alike.

If you are satisfied with our samples and services, please don’t forget to leave your comments. In case you are not satisfied, please tell us how we can improve this site, and how we can help you in particular.

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Email: admin@coverlettersandresume.com

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