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Lead Teacher Job Description

Position Overview Teaching is a tough job, especially if you’re working as a lead teacher. At this position, you are responsible for your students’ learning as well as the work of an assistant teacher. The main work of a lead teacher is to provide instruction to her or his class. This will include drawing out… Read More »

Spanish Teacher Resume Objectives

Writing an objective for a Spanish teacher resume is easy. Collecting the right information, and ensuring that it is placed in your objective in a proper way is important.   What to write in a Spanish Teacher Resume? Concentrating on your Spanish teaching skills is important here. If you know more than two languages, make… Read More »

Teacher Cover Letter Sample

A good teacher can make lives. And a good teacher is exactly what a hiring manager looks for when he or she goes through a cover letter. As a teacher, it is your responsibility to make sure that you provide enough information so that you can be deemed perfect for the role.   How to… Read More »

Teacher Recommendation Letter from Parent

Even though it is not common, a letter of recommendation from a parent can do wonders for a teacher’s career. As a parent, you know exactly how wonderfully a teacher has worked with your child. When the time comes to provide a recommendation, you can say much which will help the teacher bag a job,… Read More »

ESL Teacher Cover Letter No Experience

One of the most challenging things to do when applying for a job as an ESL teacher is writing a cover letter. This is especially true if you are writing one for an entry level position.   As an ESL teacher, you have to prove it to the hiring manager that you are the right… Read More »

Tutor Resume No Experience

Overview Tutors provide a group of students or individuals with assistance in weak areas in an academic setting. They are responsible for ensuring that their wards are explicitly helped in the subjects that they need the most assistance in and that they score well in subsequent exams.     A well-written resume and cover letter for… Read More »

Chemistry Teacher Cover Letter No Experience

An individual who aspires to work as a chemistry teacher does not have to have any experience to be eligible. In fact, a degree in the subject, with some exposure to the academic aspect of the work is sufficient.     However, the cover letter that one writes needs to be written as if it… Read More »

Yoga Teacher Job Description for Resume

With more and more people now being highly aware of the benefits of yoga, yoga teachers are all the rage. And if you are one, you may have a job waiting for you! However, you will need to know what you have to do in order to be considered eligible for the job. Before you… Read More »

Yoga Teacher Cover Letter No Experience

Are you a yoga teacher who has no experience of working as yet? And are you stressed out because you have to write a cover letter to apply for one? Don’t be. Even if the experience is not something you can rely on, you do have skills. As a trained yoga teacher, your cover letter… Read More »

Yoga Teacher Resume Objectives

No resume for a yoga teacher is complete without an objective. As a matter of fact, recruiters actively look for objectives on a resume. A yoga teacher resume objective should be loud and clear about your ability to provide clients with the right adjustments, and yoga information. Typically, an objective statement for a yoga teacher… Read More »