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40 Computer Science Teacher Interview Questions and Answers

In order to successfully ace a computer science teacher interview, it is imperative to ensure that you prepare well for the interview. Typically, the interview questions will be aimed to figure out how well you know computer science as a subject. Many questions will also aim to determine what kind of an individual you are.… Read More »

Mandarin Teacher Cover Letter Sample and Writing Tips

Mandarin is the next super language, and many people opt to learn it as a second language. Therefore, Mandarin teachers are in great demand nowadays. If you know the language, you can apply as a teacher, through a standout cover letter. Your Mandarin teacher cover letter should essentially highlight your knowledge of the language and… Read More »

Mandarin Teacher Resume and CV Sample

Learning another language such as Mandarin is not only fun – it is also a need. With China becoming a large business hub, many people want to learn their main language so as to explore business opportunities. As a Mandarin teacher, there is a huge scope for you, teaching the language to both youngsters and… Read More »

Teacher Recommendation Letter Sample

Even though a teacher recommendation letter has a to ‘whom it may concern’ header, it is one of the most important documents that you will write as an employer. Based on this letter, an ex-employee will apply for another job.   At the time of writing a reference letter for a teacher position, make sure… Read More »

Generic Teacher Resume Sample

A teacher’s resume must hold information such as his or her ability to create and implement lesson plans and curriculum. Previous experience in a teacher or assistant teacher role must also be mentioned.   It is also important to highlight the fact that you possess the right skills set to be considered for the position.… Read More »

Generic Teacher Cover Letter Example

There is a certain protocol that you need to follow in order to write a cover letter for a generic teacher position. Choosing the right format is necessary so that you can effectively add information into it. Equslly important is to choose which information you need to put into the format.   In a generic… Read More »