Retail Store Manager Job Description for Resume

Updated on: September 1, 2015

If only stores could run themselves! They cannot and that is why each retail store that you shop at, has a dedicated store manager to look after its affairs. These people are trained in several aspects of the retail business, including marketing, sales and customer services. And they are expected to amalgamate the three to ensure smooth running of the store that they represent.

Retail stores are busy places – many people are needed to run them properly. And to supervise them, there is a great need for a person at the top – someone who will make sure that everyone is doing what he or she is supposed to do. One of the biggest aims of a retail store manager is to minimize the cost that it takes to run a retail store. The intensity or workload of a retail store manager actually depends on the size and company structure of the store in question. In large concerns, retail store managers are required to handle many duties pertaining to human resources and logistics. In smaller concerns, they may only be asked to provide an instructional umbrella to the staff.

If you have a college degree in business, you have great chances to be chosen for a retail store manager position. Some typical tasks that you will be performing as a retail manager include:

Job Description for Retail Store Manager Resume

• Create and distribute staff schedules and ensure that they are followed accurately
• Assist in hiring, training and placing new retail staff members in appropriate positions
• Maintain store staff by coaching and counselling and constantly oversee their work
• Prepare annual budgets to achieve financial objectives
• Schedule expenditures, analyze variances and initiate corrective actions
• Identify present and future customer requirements and ensure that market trends are communicated to the management
• Formulate pricing policies after reviewing merchandising activities, determine need for promotional activities
• Provide assistance in carrying out marketing and promotional activities within the store
• Market merchandise by strictly following the 4 Ps of marketing
• Oversee the work of retail representatives to ensure that they constantly in a customer-ready mode
• Assist marketing professionals in determining marketing strategies and making changes when required
• Deal with customers’ queries and complaints and ensure that the latter is resolved in an immediate and positive manner
• Maintain store and employee records and ensure that sufficient supplies are available in storage
• Coordinate activities with procurement personnel to ensure a timely supply of items
• Create and submit store operations report to the management on a periodic basis