Preschool Teacher Assistant Resume No Experience

October 20, 2019

There is no need to worry when applying for a preschool teacher assistant position, even if you do not have experience.

Teaching is something that comes from within – and if you are one of those people to whom it does, you will probably need only a little training.


Writing an entry level Preschool Teacher Assistant Resume to impress a hiring manager is important though.

This is what we will be talking about.

When writing a resume to apply for a preschool teacher assistant position, focus on your skills and knowledge.

Telling the hiring manager that you love children, and would be a great asset to any preschool is what you should be doing in your resume.


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Looking for a sample? Here is one!


Preschool Teacher Assistant Resume No Experience


Christie Douglas
36 Telfast Road, Newport,RI 64021
(000) 958-8547


Compassionate, and patient individual, with exceptional interest in working in a preschool teaching capacity. Highly skilled in determining students’ specific needs, and providing them with the required assistance. Ability to impart education based on set curriculum and lesson plans.

Bachelor’s Degree in Education
Rhode Island State University, Newport, RI – 2018

Academic Achievements
• Introduced the concept of learning through music, as a result, received great praise from the university management.
• Continuously remained at the top of the county honor role.
• Most Successful Student Award due outstanding performance throughout the degree program.
• Received accolades for remaining on top of the Dean’s list for 3 years in a row.


Rainbow Children, Newport, RI | 1/2019 – 5/2019

• Planned lessons, and determined effective ways of imparting them
• Assisted students in understanding different concepts individually, and in groups
• Oversaw students’ behavior within the classroom, and during playtime
• Assisted students with personal needs such as eating, and washing
• Administered exams and tests, and graded them according to set standards
• Evaluated students’ progress, and communicated with parents about problems
• Ensured student safety by implementing safety programs within classrooms as well as play areas
• Created attendance records, and handled student information in a confidential way

• Supervision
• Behavior Control
• Lesson Planning Assistance
• Emergency Handling
• Student Safety
• Individual Learning
• Records Management
• Child Development Strategies
• Evaluation Assistance

• Classroom Software
• MS Office Applications

English, Italian, and German

• Offered teaching services at a local orphanage for 6 months
• Led a team of volunteers to aid at 3 hospitals


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