Kindergarten Teacher Resume No Experience

Updated on: March 2, 2018

No experience does not translate into “not being able to excel”.

Even the most experience of people begin somewhere, and if it is your time now, well, you need not worry too much. Concentrate on writing a resume that is not based on experience to sell your skills.

Look for ways to get your message across to hiring managers by profoundly presenting your qualifications.

Writing a kindergarten teacher resume for the first time does seem a bit daunting, but you do not have to worry if your research is done well. Figure out what the hiring manager is looking for specifically in an individual, and make sure that you word your resume accordingly.

If you are not sure of what a particular hiring manager is looking for, write your resume according to a standard but a detailed job description.

The following resume sample for a kindergarten teacher who has had no experience will help you along:



Kindergarten Teacher Resume No Experience



Alisa Wright
18 Rocky Road, Camano Island, WA 18833
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Hardworking, compassionate, and resourceful individual, with an inherent interest in supporting young students about physical, cognitive, emotional, and academic development. Highly skilled in leading a mentoring program, focusing on the wellbeing of assigned students.

• Proficient in building a classroom culture, aimed at eliciting student interest.
• Adept at teaching students through an inquiry-based curriculum, which inspires intellectual curiosity.
• Effectively able to develop strong relationships with parents and students, creating investment in school culture.
• Deep familiarity with designing and implementing core kindergarten curriculum and lesson plans to meet the individual needs of each student.


• Curriculum Development • Lesson Planning • Behavior Management
• Resources Development • Reinforcement • Student Evaluation
• Progress Documenting • Student Motivation • Activities Oversight

Camano Island University, Camano Island, WA – 2017
Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education

• Chosen as a representative to head the university at the national events held at Camano Auditorium.
• Continuously stood at the top of the class in 2 majors, earning accolades from the school dean.


Preschool Assistant Teacher | 1/2017 – 5/2017
The Rainbow Children, Camano Island, WA
• Assisted the lead teacher in developing and implementing lesson plans.
• Collected materials to develop learning resources, and assisted in incorporating them into lessons.
• Provided support in overseeing and managing students’ behavior.
• Ascertained that any emergent situations such as injuries or accidents were handled correctly.
• Assisted students with activities such as eating, changing, and washing, keeping their health and wellbeing a priority.

• Classroom Management software
• MS Word and Excel

Excellent professional references available