Resume for teaching positions need to be very detailed as employers want to know how well-versed you are with the demands of this position. Much needs to be specified in terms of the ability to develop and implement individualized curriculum and classroom management.

Classroom teachers are responsible for the overall functioning of a classroom. This may include managing students, procuring learning materials, managing lesson plans and imparting learning directives. While in higher grades, classroom teachers may teach one or two subjects, lower grade students often have the same teacher for every subject.


Classroom Teacher Resume Sample


Judith Ward

166 Budds Landing Road, Warwick, MD 73000
Cell: (999) 999-9999, Email:


• Experienced teacher with a thriving career as a lead teacher for almost a decade
• Excellent at student-ready curriculum development and implementation
• Proactive approach to manage classrooms in terms of student behavior and general classroom maintenance
• Effective educator with a knack for counseling students in order to improve performance


Woodgrove School System, Warwick, MD June 2003 – July 2013
Lead Teacher

• Identify teaching objectives and devise class curriculum
• Design and implement lesson plans based on individual students’ learning abilities
• Impart classroom instruction
• Assist students with weak areas
• Mark class work and home work on a daily basis
• Develop test papers and assess student progress
• Communicate student progress and weaknesses to parents
• Confer with parents to devise plans to manage students’ weak areas

• Devised and implemented a set of lesson plans for students with learning impairments
• Wrote a paper on teaching English as a foreign language

Woodgrove School System, Warwick, MD June 2002 – May 2003
Teacher’s Assistant

• Assisted lead teacher in implementing lesson plans
• Managed student behavior and problems
• Assessed and mentored students
• Assisted students with assignments and weak areas

• Developed age-appropriate learning aides for primary school students
• Conducted workshops on teaching methodologies to aid new teachers in their teaching endeavors


Maryland State University, Warwick, MD
Bachelor in Elementary Education – 2001


• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Exceptional understanding of teaching concepts
• Strong organizational and behavior management skills
• Keen knowledge of teaching English as a second language