Language Teacher Resume Sample

Updated on: October 15, 2016

Resumes put us under microscopes. And that is an uncomfortable position to be in.

However, that is what resumes are asked for – to grill people. And it is up to the candidate to make sure that he receives accolades and not negativity from the employer.


Just follow the following resume sample to see how you can also write one to save yourself the trouble of being microscope-ed!


Language Teacher Resume Sample


Ronald Moore

185 Bert Lane | Lake Charles, LA 69600 | (000) 251-6522 | ronmoo @ email . com


Highly accomplished language teacher with over 6 years of experience teaching English as a first and second language to young and adult students. Competent in creating and imparting engaging English language lessons, preparing teaching materials through intense research, and assessing students thoroughly to determine their specific learning needs. An amicable individual who has a solid track record of mentoring students to assist them in meeting their individual learning goals.


• Activities-based Learning • Specialist Courses • Materials Development
• Student Engagement • Lesson Planning • Curriculum Development
• Progress Tracking • Group Education • Behavior Management
• Mentoring & Monitoring • Dynamic Teaching • Interactive Learning

• Successfully integrated conventional and activities-based learning into one, resulting in a high interest in learning language concepts
• Introduced the concept of interactive teaching, which increased student enrollment by 75%
• Implemented a series of dynamic teaching approaches, which resulted in easily communicating the concepts of language and its history to the students
• Put in place a novel student evaluation system which provided great ease and 100% accuracy in gauging students’ ability to cope and learn difficult concepts


Language Teacher
Wakefield Language School, Lake Charles, LA | 8/2013 – Present

• Assess the individual learning needs of each student in the class and create correlating lessons to meet them
• Design, develop and implement lesson plans in accordance to the set curriculum and school standards
• Emphasize all 4 components of learning language, such as speaking, reading, listening and writing into all lesson plans
• Establish a learning environment of serious scholarship and continuous support to provide assistance to students’ learning objectives

Language Teacher
Community School, Lake Charles, LA | 6/2010 – 8/2013

• Acted as mentor and counsel to students to ensure their comfort and wellbeing within the classroom
• Assessed each student on an individual basis to determine their learning abilities and limitations
• Communicated assessment results to the school office to be incorporated into the students’ files
• Incorporated special courses for students with additional (special) needs to provide them with a chance to gel into regular curriculum

Teacher Assistant
Wakefield High School, Lake Charles, LA | 2/2009 – 5/2010

• Developed teaching aides by performing thorough research on subject matters, to assist teachers in imparting successful lessons
• Oversaw students during class to ensure that they are following set rules for behavior
• Monitored students on a constant basis and provided feedback in cases of distress on the students’ part
• Recorded attendance on a daily basis and handled student information in a safe and confidential manner

Master’s Degree in English Literature – 2009
Louisiana State University, Lake Charles, LA