Teacher Skills List for Resume

Updated on: July 27, 2019

Teaching in the 21st Century is not what it used to be. Teachers are now required to be more skilled than they were just two decades ago.

The increase in competition and new teaching concepts has brought about a need for qualified teachers, who know everything there is to know about modern teaching methods.


Now, merely writing “skilled in teaching English” on your resume is not sufficient. Employers take it for granted that you will be skilled at teaching a subject if you are applying for an associated job.

They need to know what more you can do for them – and the students for whom you will be responsible.

The skill that you mention on your resume for a teaching position will help a prospective recruiter decide if you are an excellent choice for a school.

Contrary to what many people believe, teaching is not just about imparting instruction.


There is so much more to teaching than only going into class and learning concepts.

Building a professional learning network, establishing parent-student relationships, and understanding how and where technology fits into standard instruction are all very important.

But it takes an extremely skilled teacher to understand this.

Here are some teaching skills that you can write on your resume.


Sample Skills for a Teacher Resume

• Adept at integrating technology in a standard curriculum to ensure clarity in students’ concepts

• Able to edict fairness and respect by creating educational situations designed for the success of all students

• Track record of creating and imparting individualized and student-friendly lessons

• Functional ability to demonstrate high efficacy of class curriculum through integrated lesson planning

• Extensive knowledge of class management activities based on balanced variety and challenge in student activities

• Competent at disciplining students through effective behavior management directives

• Able to set clearly articulated high expectations for self and students

• Special talent for employing different techniques and strategies as part of the core instructional program

• Deep knowledge of various manners of student engagement such as clarity of explanation, types of assignments and pacing of student activities

• Able to respond to students’ emotional and academic needs by employing a variety of grouping strategies and student progress

• Good mentoring acumen aimed at understanding students as individuals and helping them cope through individually placed achievements and success targets

• Able to target class instruction to lesson objectives to assist in meeting learning goals effectively

• Exceptional knowledge of international academic standards with a great ability to design and impart instructional plans accordingly

• Skilled in directing students’ focus on reading through technology and conventional means

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