The fact that cover letters are the most widely read job application documents is not lost on anyone. Whether a hiring manager will go through your resume is detail or not is iffy – but he or she is sure to read through the cover letter, that is, if it is an interesting enough read. […]

An interview is no problem if you have all your priorities set. Preparing for an interview from the two main angles that really matter is great advice. These two angles are job knowledge and self-awareness. The former is a given – if you don’t know much about the job that you have applied for, there […]

A resume for housekeeping specialist position is tricky to write, especially if you are not too comfortable with writing it the way it should be written. Confused further? Don’t be. A resume is actually quite simple to write if you have a format to bank on. Here is a sample to help you in this […]

Guidelines A cover letter needs to be customized so that it can hold a hiring manager’s interest. Hiring authorities are smart people – they can easily gauge if you write a standard cover letter designed to meet the needs of all types of employers! In a housekeeping specialist cover letter, share a personal or professional […]

Resumes for hospitality associate position can be insightful – or not. If they are the latter, they cannot reach a hiring manager at any level. Verdict: resumes need to be exceptionally informational and relevant to be able to reach out to a hiring manager, who is looking to hire a certain type of individual. Below […]

The last step in any job application process is the interview. This step is also the most important, as failing at this stage means that the effort and time that you put into writing your resume and cover letter was a complete waste. Ensuring that you ace this stage is imperative. Do we have any […]

A resevationist resume is simply a window into a job seeker’s professional life. While it has to be comprehensive, it cannot hold too much information. Why? Because too much information means boring the hiring manager into leaving your resume on the desk, and picking up another one. The following resume sample for reservationist position is […]