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The Best Resume Templates for 2019

Resume writing standards change each year dramatically. New templates and more advice make it confusing for resume writers as well as job seekers to determine what to include in a resume in 2019. To be sure, the only thing that prospective employers love about resumes in 2019 is – simplicity. What to include? While merely… Read More »

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Resume Format and Sections for 2019

In the year 2019, resume writing may take on a new avatar, making the older formats obsolete. That is not to say that all older formats will be unusable from now on – the ones that work on the principles of the new one will stay. Why does the resume format matter? Well, the resume… Read More »

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The Best Cover Letter Templates for 2019

A cover letter usually accompanies your resume when you apply for a job. As your first introduction, it briefly highlights your relevant attributes and qualifications to a prospective employer. In addition, it outlines your interest to work for a specific company. The only purpose of a cover letter is to persuade the employer to see… Read More »

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30 Effective Resume Writing Tips

Your resume is a selling tool. It contains your objective or profile, a summary of skills, accomplishments, experience, qualifications, and education. As a matter of fact, it enables the employer to know what type of job you are seeking. It also draws attention to your relevant traits. The most excellent method to decide what should… Read More »

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Cover Letter Writing Tips

A cover letter accompanies your CV or resumes when you apply for a job or sending your job application documents. It is your personal and professional introduction to a prospective employer. In essence, a cover letter highlights your interest in the advertised job and briefly relates your skills and qualifications to the needs and demands… Read More »

Millwright Apprentice Resume Sample

Before attempting to apply for a millwright apprentice position, make sure that you know the work. Technically, you should know some of what is required from a person working at this position. Even though experience is not necessary, you have to show the recruiter that you know a little bit about the work. In the… Read More »

Millwright Apprentice Cover Letter Sample

Applying for a job as a millwright apprentice will require you to write a cover letter. This job application document must include information about how much you know about assembling and installing new machinery. While an apprentice’s job is to learn the trade initially, it is essential for him or her to possess at least… Read More »

Accounting Manager Accomplishments for Resume

Mention of accomplishments in any resume is important. However, it is even more so when you are writing one for an accounting manager position. Recruiters want to know what you have to offer besides skills to the company where you’ve applied for a job. Unfortunately, writing accomplishment statements is not that easy. Even though you… Read More »

Actress Resume Skills

An actress needs to be skilled if she wants to get good roles. Not everyone can work as an actress. In fact, only some people have the talent to show in front of millions of viewers. However, even the ones who do have the talent, need to polish them. And when you are applying for… Read More »

Insurance Claims Adjuster Resume Objectives

An objective will be the crowning glory of your insurance claims adjuster resume. Since the objective will be read as soon as the recruiter picks up the resume, you have a pretty good chance to be hired. That is, if the objective is worth a read. Writing an objective for an insurance claims resume is… Read More »

Insurance Claims Adjuster Resume Sample

An insurance claims adjuster needs to make sure that his or her resume is well-developed. Information of ability to handle insurance claims properly must be highlighted in the resume. In addition, knowledge of claims processing procedures needs to be put in. When writing an insurance claims adjuster Insurance Claims Adjuster Resume, you must make sure… Read More »

Insurance Claims Adjuster Cover Letter Sample

Before you apply for an insurance claims adjuster position, make sure that your cover letter is in place. This means that you have to collect information that can be effectively placed in a cover letter. As an insurance claims adjuster, you must highlight how well you can determine the number of payments that need to… Read More »

Insurance Claims Job Description for Resume

An insurance claims adjuster works for insurance companies, where his or her job is to make sure that claims are adjusted in a prompt way. The main idea behind hiring an insurance claims adjuster is to ensure that claims are processed in a proper manner. Working as an insurance claims adjuster requires one to be… Read More »

Kitchen Expeditor Job Description for Resume

Working as a kitchen expeditor can be a lot of fun. Of course, it is a lot of hard work too. As a kitchen expeditor, your main job is to ensure that the flow of orders is properly managed. Typically, kitchen expeditors work in restaurants and hotels. A high school diploma is usually sufficient to… Read More »

Strawberry Picker Job Description for Resume

Strawberry Picker Job Description Strawberry picking is a lot of fun. Imagine being paid for it! Working as a strawberry picker is not all fun and games though. There’s a lot of hard work involved as well. As a strawberry picker, you’ll be performing a lot of picking and packing activities. You will be spending… Read More »