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The Best Resume Templates for 2019

Resume writing standards change each year dramatically. New templates and more advice make it confusing for resume writers as well as job seekers to determine what to include in a resume in 2019.   As a matter of fact, the only thing that prospective employers love about resumes in 2019 is its simplicity. What to… Read More »

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Resume Format and Sections for 2019

In the year 2019, resume writing may take on a new direction, making the older formats obsolete. That is not to say that all older formats will be unusable from now on – the ones that work on the modern principles will stay.   Why does the resume format matter? Well, the resume is a… Read More »

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The Best Cover Letter Templates for 2019

A cover letter is a single-page document that usually accompanies your resume when you apply for a job. As your first introduction, it briefly highlights your relevant attributes and qualifications to the prospective employer. Besides, it outlines your interest in working for a specific company.   The only purpose of a cover letter is to… Read More »

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30 Effective Resume Writing Tips

The first thing to remember is that a resume is a selling tool. It contains your objective or profile statement, a summary of qualifications, accomplishments, experience, skills, and education, as well as affiliations.   As a matter of fact, a resume enables the employer to know what type of job you are seeking while drawing… Read More »

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Cover Letter Writing Tips

A cover letter accompanies your CV or resumes when you apply for a job or send your job application documents. It is your personal and professional introduction to the prospective employer.   In essence, a cover letter highlights your interest in the advertised job while briefly relating your skills and qualifications to the requirements of the… Read More »

Professional Summary Statements for Retired

Re-entering the workforce is quite a challenge, especially if you have retired once, and are hoping to work again. However, it is not impossible to do. As long as your job application documents are sorted out, you do not have to worry.   For now, let’s focus on the resume summary statement. As a retired… Read More »

Customs Officer Skills for Resume

Only the very skilled customs officers make their way into fieldwork. Since this is where all the excitement is, candidates usually opt for fieldwork. In order to be eligible for this position, you have to show the hiring manager that you are skilled enough for it.   Luckily, most resume formats have a dedicated skills… Read More »

Customs Officer Cover Letter Sample

You may face a lot of competition when applying for a customs officer job. As a matter of fact, it is an excellent job, with many opportunities to move up. And if you want to be given due consideration, you must ensure that your cover letter is well-written.   The content and format of your… Read More »

Customs Officer Resume Sample

Customs officers play an important role in ship ports, airports, and train stations. In order for a hiring manager to take your customs officer resume seriously, you must fill it with information that the hiring manager wants to see.   For instance, skills information that says that you know how to handle the influx of… Read More »

Customs Officer Job Description and Duties for Resume

Position Overview Customs officers work for government departments in order to ensure that banned items do not enter the country and to streamline incoming and outgoing shipments. They are usually stationed at airports, train stations, and other places where passengers from other countries land/enter.   Education Working as a customs officer requires a high school… Read More »

Accounts Payable Specialist Skills for Resume

Skills as an accounts payable specialist will bring you many steps closer to your goals – that is, the job that you are looking for. In the skills statements, it is imperative to highlight that you know accounts payable work, including handling vendor payments and managing bank reconciliations.   The good news is that modern… Read More »

Accounts Payable Specialist Interview Questions and Answers

Being interviewed for accounts payable specialist position can be quite an experience. This is precisely why one has to be prepared for the process in advance.     If you are appearing for an interview soon, take a look at the following set of accounts payable specialist interview questions and answers: See also: Accounts Payable… Read More »

Accounts Payable Specialist Resume Sample

The first thing that a hiring manager will see in an accounts payable specialist’s resume is the format. If it is reader-friendly, he or she will keep reading it. But if it lacks respect for white space, and is too closely written together, we might have a problem.   Apart from the format, the content… Read More »

Cosmetology Resume Objectives with No Experience

It is untrue that only experienced cosmetologists are preferred by companies. In fact, newly trained ones are often preferred because they have had access to new technology and procedures.   However, you have to impress it upon the hiring manager that you working at the entry-level will not be an issue. This can be best… Read More »

CNA Resume Objectives With No Experience

Even if you have no formal experience as a certified nursing assistant, you will have some exposure to patient services, as it is the requirement of the certification. This goes in your favor a great deal. When applying for an entry-level CNA job, you will be considered a good match for the hiring manager’s requirements.… Read More »