Waitress Job Description for Resume

Updated on: May 15, 2019

Either you are thinking to build a resume for a waitress position or appearing in an interview, a sample job description will help you in both cases.

Position Overview

The job of a waitress includes taking orders and serving food and drinks to the guests.


This position requires a lot of physical stamina as they need to walk or stand for long periods of time.

In addition, they should know how to use kitchen appliances and need to have a great teamwork spirit.

In addition to the specific duties assigned to a waitress position, their most important duty is to greet guests warmly and make them feel home each time.

This requires a friendly personality, effective communication skills, and exceptional customer service acumen.


Sample Job Description for Waitress Resume

• Set up and decorate tables for meals, and arrange silverware and napkins as per restaurant protocols

• Greet guests and guide them to available tables

• Present guests with a menu card

• Make recommendations for various meal courses and combinations

• Take orders from the patrons and inform them regarding serving time

• Relay orders to the kitchen staff manually or through the POS system

• Serve drinks from the bar as ordered

• Transport warm and ready meals on tables

• Prepare bills, take payment form the guests and produce change

• Handle cash and credit card payments

• Keep the service area stocked with supplies

• Clear the table when guests leave

• Present feedback forms and accept the same once filled

• Help kitchen staff and bartenders as and when needed

• Pack meals for take away orders and heat the same in the microwave

• Stack all the dishes into the dishwasher and operate the same

• Perform general cleaning duties such as wiping, mopping and dusting

• Assist in lunch and dinner time preps and perform tasks like salad mixing and sandwich making

• Provide guests with information about the locality if needed

• Write order slips and enter the same into the computerized ordering software for posting in the kitchen

Waitress Knowledge and skills

• Ability to read and write
• Customer oriented attitude
• Able to operate kitchen based electric appliance
• Good mathematical skills

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