Top 25 Waitress Resume Objective Examples

Updated: January 7, 2023

An objective statement is the most important part of a waitress’s resume. It conveys your enthusiasm to work for a specific employer by utilizing your relevant skills and experiences.

Employers or restaurant managers, when hiring waitresses, are usually very choosy about picking just the right resume.

You have to be presentable with a pleasing personality, physically dexterous, and know perfectly what your job entails if you want to be a successful waitress. 

The following objective examples will guide you on how to write a good objective for a waitress resume.

25 Best Objectives for Waitress Resume 

1. Reliable and hardworking Waitress with a good memory and active listening skills, looking for a position at The Hyatt. Excited to contribute to the restaurant and surpass its customer service and financial goals effectively.

2. Looking for a Waitress position with Yentle Cuisine where my exceptional food service and communication skills will be fully utilized to increase the patron base and maximize revenue. Able to accept criticism and work well under pressure.

3. Passionate Waitress with excellent listening skills, seeking employment at XYZ Restaurant. Poised to utilize my track record of working in a fast-paced food service environment to serve the guests effectively and get 5-star reviews. Demonstrated ability to work well with others.

4. Fun and friendly individual. interested in working as a Waitress for Avenue Foods. Aspiring to provide the best guest service by listening to their concerns and delivering food and beverages on time.

5. Hardworking Waitress with a neat appearance, good communication skills, and exceptional customer service acumen. Enthusiastic to provide excellent food service and ensure repeat business at AAA Restaurant Houston.

6. A Waitress position at The Food Inn, using 10+ years of successful food service experience aimed at providing customers with more than one reason to return.

7. Uniquely qualified Waitress eager to work for Blue Flame. Bringing a friendly and neat appearance, and exceptional food service skills to get 100% 5-star ratings and good reviews.

8. Exceptionally talented Waitress with over 9 years of experience in food service and customer service fields, seeking employment at Mexican Grill. Eager to create a welcoming environment for customers to deliver excellence from all ends.

9. To obtain a Waitress position at Great Foods. Bringing an absolute emphasis on ensuring that everything is coordinated well enough so that customers never complain.

10. Passionate Waitress poised to work for Tibit Food. Energized to increase revenue by using my high-quality waitressing and customer service skills.

11. To work as a Waitress at Rosa Blanca. Bringing skills in greeting customers, managing seating arrangements, and taking and serving orders. Able to remain pleasant during busy hours and ensure that every order is delivered accurately and in a time-efficient manner.

12. To secure employment as a Waitress at Kiki’s. Enthusiastic about striving toward the best patron service through the delivery of excellent food and beverage services.

13. A highly organized and hardworking individual, with solid skills in taking and delivering food and beverage orders. Energetic to provide diners with the best dining experience at Beehives.

14. Thorough and detail-oriented waitress eager to provide exceptional food service at Trinity Restaurant.

15. Seeking a position as a Waitress at ABC Restaurant where my exceptional customer service and food and beverage service skills will be utilized to increase net profits.

16. Detail-oriented and diligent waitress with 6+ years of experience in order-taking and delivery. Energetic to use my exceptional time management and food service skills to help The ABC Restaurant achieve its customer service goals.

17. Resourceful waitress with over 4 years of solid track record in providing customers with top-class food and beverage order and delivery services. Poised to utilize my current skill set, and provide benefits thereof to the restaurant.

18. To work as a Waitress at Great Dining. Enthusiastic to provide my services in a high-end service-oriented environment by using my 6 years of experience in delivering service excellence in busy fine-dining settings.

19. High-energy waitress with excellent conflict resolution and customer service skills. Excited to provide the benefit of my skills to increase the revenue of ABC Grill.

20. A position as a Waitress at ABC Food, utilizing a proven history of service excellence in order to help the restaurant exceed its service and customer satisfaction goals.

Entry-Level Waitress Objectives With No Experience

21. Seeking a position as a Waitress at Cod Club. Offering comprehensive knowledge of food and beverage service, making menu recommendations, and answering questions to provide the best services to guests and patrons.

22. To obtain a Waitress position at Marco Polo Lounge. Offers the ability to “think on my feet” along with a natural flair for persuasive communication in order to improve the restaurant’s patronage.

23. To use my knowledge of providing wait service, taking customer orders, and delivering food and beverages on time at AAA Lounge.

24. Recent High School Graduate seeking an entry-level waitress position at Dardon Restaurants. Eager to contribute significantly by using my skills in providing menus, taking orders, bringing food to tables, refilling glasses, and cleaning tables.

25. Highly competent individual looking for a Waitress position at The Steak Bar. Eager to bring an in-depth knowledge of taking orders correctly, and effectively to provide high-end customer service and meet customer satisfaction targets.