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16 Possible Waitress Interview Questions and Answers

Working as a waitress is tough. Similarly, being interviewed for a waitress position is also tough. At the interview, you will be scrutinized for a lot more than just your knowledge of serving food and beverages to patrons, which is why you have to be well prepared in advance. How to Prepare? Before you appear… Read More »

Buffet Waitress Job Description

Position Overview A buffet waitress is hired in restaurants, usually fine dining ones, where her primary job is to make sure that the buffet table is set correctly, and that patrons are served according to established food service guidelines If you have had some experience in a waitressing capacity before, you’ll be considered an exceptional… Read More »

Restaurant Waitress Cover Letter Example

Cover letters are not what they used to be. Better or worse now? That is probably relative. Cover letters of the yore were straightforward and simple, providing the reader with a comprehensive overview of an applicant’s abilities. Now they are more complicated in the sense that there is a lot of flowery language to woo… Read More »

Cocktail Waitress Resume: 3 Examples & Job Description

A cocktail waitress is not much different from a regular waitress. The only addition is that a cocktail waitress serves cocktails in bars and restaurants. They take orders from customers and serve beverages along with performing the usual duties of a waitress like cleaning tables, ringing up totals, and verifying information to ensure that customers… Read More »

Restaurant Hostess Cover Letter With No Experience (How to Write)

Job seekers who have no experience and are seeking a restaurant hostess position are often required to write a cover letter. Below are some tips and a sample related to cover letter writing for entry-level hostesses. How to Write a Restaurant Hostess Cover Letter with No Experience? Start your cover letter uniquely. You can use… Read More »