Cocktail Waitress Resume: 3 Examples & Job Description

Updated on: March 9, 2023

A cocktail waitress is not much different from a regular waitress. The only addition is that a cocktail waitress serves cocktails in bars and restaurants.

They take orders from customers and serve beverages along with performing the usual duties of a waitress like cleaning tables, ringing up totals, and verifying information to ensure that customers are old enough to drink.

A Cocktail Waitress’s resume needs to represent a job seeker’s best side, making it possible for a hiring manager to make quick decisions.

Your resume for a cocktail waitress position is usually the first point of contact with your prospective employer. It is a summary of your skills, employment history, and personal experiences.

In your resume, focus on your professional interests and arrange your qualifications in support of your career goals and objectives in keeping with the requirements of the employer.

Also, write an eye-catching cocktail waitress cover letter to introduce your resume.

The following 2 resume samples for a cocktail waitress position will give you clues on how to build one that shows your best side:

Cocktail Waitress Resume Sample 1

Pamela Sanders
Katy, TX
(000) 145-7478
pam.sander @ email . com


Energetic and highly motivated Cocktail Waitress with 15 years of extensive experience in serving food and beverages to customers according to their specific instructions. Special talent for anticipating customers’ requirements and providing them with associated services. Calm and friendly professional who focuses on ensuring a high quality of service by accurately taking orders and ensuring on-time delivery. Known for creating an atmosphere of professionalism while maintaining an enjoyable experience for patrons.

• Tier 1 Services • Order Taking
• Upselling • Order Follow-up
• Beverages Ingredients • Beverage Mixing
• Supplies Stocking • Liquor Requisitions
• Payments Processing • Service Station Setup
• Table Bussing • Garnishing


Cocktail Waitress
Traditions Spirit, Katy, TX
Mar 2014 – Present
• Design a placard containing information on the ingredients of popular beverages, increasing customers’ interest in special drinks.
• Increase bar monthly revenue by $5000 by suggestive selling and upselling.
• Greet customers and assist them in finding appropriate tables.
• Provide them with beverages and snacks menus and assist them in choosing items.
• Suggest snack items be ordered with a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
• Perform upselling activities by suggesting additional items to be purchased.
• Provide information regarding beverage ingredients and garnishing techniques.
• Relay orders to the kitchen and bar areas and follow up on them to ensure timely delivery.
• Serve food and beverage items to customers and refill empty water glasses.
• Present checks and take and process cash and credit card payments.

Cocktail Waitress
AA Restaurant, Katy, TX
May 2009 – Mar 2014
• Concocted a drink coined Pamela’s Special, which had the highest sale value at the restaurant.
• Decreased inventory problems by suggesting a dynamic supplies procurement procedure, which also provided alerts for low stocks.
• Greeted customers in a proactive manner with a view to retaining business.
• Constantly lookout for service opportunities.
• Increased revenue using outstanding upselling techniques.
• Stocked service stations and ensured that supplies inventory is kept in check.

Cocktail Server
Casino Queen, Katy, TX
Apr 2006 – May 2009
• Refilled water glasses and took orders for additional beverages and snacks.
• Bussed tables and ensured that new tablecloths were installed after each customer left.
• Assisted waiters by holding dishes and platters to aid in serving.
• Cleaned and sanitized surfaces such as tables and bar counters to ensure a constantly clean and maintained look.
• Provided suggestions to customers regarding menu items and information pertaining to ingredients used and cooking methods.

Specialized Courses in Customer Service and Hospitality

High School Diploma
ABC School, Katy, TX

Bartender Cocktail Waitress Resume Sample 3

Sheena Wilson
Sioux Falls, SD
(000) 999-9999
shewil @ email . com

Bartender / Cocktail Waitress

An energetic and highly-motivated individual with 7 years of extensive experience in the food service industry. Ability to prepare and serve drinks to restaurant patrons with the aim of ensuring repeat business. Known for creating an environment of enjoyment for bar patrons by providing them with the best in customer service.

• Special talent for mixing the right amount of beverages to concoct safe and enjoyable drinks.
• Able to juggle waitressing and bartending duties simultaneously during rush hours.
• Skilled at engaging patrons in conversation to make them feel at home.

• Customer service • Communication
• Food/wine recommendation
• Table setup • Physical dexterity
• Standards Maintenance • Hygiene and sanitation
• Bartending • Foodservice etiquette
• Food preparation • Reservations management

• Concocted a beverage coined “Sheena” which quickly became the bar’s signature drink.
• Increased customer base by 50% by employing exceptional customer service skills.
• Decreased food spoilage by 40% by suggesting a policy along the lines of “waste want not” is introduced.
• Retained 99% of patrons following the opening of a bigger and more sophisticated bar next door.


Cocktail Waitress
803 Lounge, Sioux Falls, SD
May 2017-Present
• Greet patrons as they arrive and assist in seating them
• Provide patrons with menus and suggest items to be ordered
• Respond to queries regarding food and beverage selection
• Provide customers with lists of available beverages and concoctions
• Assist customers in selecting complementing wines with their food selections
• Relay food and beverage orders to bars and kitchens after providing customers with the expected time of delivery
• Assist bartenders in making concoctions or pouring required alcoholic beverages in glasses
• Deliver customers’ orders to their tables and provide them with information on “very hot” items
• Ask if any additional orders need to be delivered and if the delivered order is alright
• Provide customers with checks and receive and process payments
• Clean tables and clear and replace soiled dishes and napkins

SJ Restaurant, Sioux Falls, SD
Sep 2015 – May 2017
• Cleaned tables and replaces soiled dishes and flatware
• Assisted waiters in taking and relaying orders to the kitchen and bar
• Provided assistance to bartenders in whipping up alcoholic beverages and serving them to customers
• Set up food stations and assisted in setting up buffet tables
• Refilled customers’ water glasses and inquired if any additional orders needed to be placed
• Coordinated restaurant and bar cleaning efforts

High School Diploma
AAA Public School, Sioux Falls, SD

Cocktail Waitress Resume Sample 3

Mary Brown
Sandia, TX
(000) 214-9865


To obtain a position as a Cocktail Waitress with ABC Restaurant, where a strong dedication to the total satisfaction of guests and a high degree of enthusiasm will be utilized entirely.

• Over 5 years of hands-on experience in the hospitality arena
• Track record of interacting effectively with people from different backgrounds
• In-depth knowledge of food and beverage industry rules and regulations
• Highly skilled in greeting guests and fulfilling their orders
• Sound understanding of the point of sales systems
• Excellent communication skills and attention to detail
• Able to tactfully foster relationships with employees and guests
• Demonstrated ability to learn new tasks quickly
• Working Knowledge of the cocktail tray and food service
• Bilingual: English/Spanish

• In the role of a cocktail waitress initiated new methods of serving that reduced time by one-third.
• Promoted to a higher position with additional responsibilities and a 20% increase in salary.
• Awarded a significant pay bonus for handling angry guests.


Cocktail Waitress
Sandia Resort – Sandia, TX
• Anticipate and reply to guests’ queries and needs
• Sell beverages and other menu items
• Take orders from guests
• Remove dirty glasses, dishes, and ashtrays from tables
• Keep area and tables clean and wipe
• Pass orders to the bar through the Point of Sales system
• Deliver F&B items to large crowds

Food Runner/Cocktail Server
Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants – Philadelphia, PA
• Delivered food to the guests promptly at the proper temperature
• Deposited dishes appropriately in a specific area
• Stocked bussing stations
• Cleaned stations and swept floor using different tools
• Performed buffet set-up and refill
• Cleaned and set tables to restaurant standards
• Emptied all trash containers

City High School, Sandia, TX – 2008

ServSafe ® Certification

Current Texas Diver’s License

• Able to work with the flexible schedule
• Profound ability to work late hours
• Open-mindedness of all cultures, music, and art forms
• Experience in cash handling

Excellent professional references are available

Cocktail Waitress Job Duties and Responsibilities

Here is a list of some of the duties that a cocktail waitress is required to perform. You can use some of these job description statements to build the experience section of your resume.

  • Greet patrons as they enter an establishment.
  • Check identification of customers if required
  • Prepare and serve drinks as ordered.
  • Prepare the station for readiness.
  • Serve food and alcoholic beverages.
  • Set tables and answer questions regarding menu selections.
  • Check with customers to ensure their satisfaction.
  • Remove dishes and glasses from tables.
  • Stock service areas as instructed.
  • Prepare ingredients and restock items, such as straws and napkins.
  • Monitor and observe customer dining experience.
  • Create a warm, fun atmosphere for guests and team members.
  • Clean and clear tables and counters.
  • Adhere to the company’s sanitation procedures.
  • Say thanks to customers for their visit and invite them again.
  • Accept payment and deposit to the cash counter.
  • Deliver receipts to customers.
  • Handle multiple tables and tasks in an efficient manner.
  • Assist with opening and closing duties.
  • Learn about beverages and cocktails.
  • Take inventory of supplies and ingredients.
  • Carry heavy trays of drinks.

Position Requirements

While a cocktail waitress needs to possess just a high school diploma as a qualification for this job, some establishments require that they take alcohol awareness classes.

No other training is needed for this job even though some places may want to hire people with previous experience in a similar capacity.