Top 15 Achievements for a Waitress Resume and CV

Updated: January 23, 2023
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Waitresses are usually the face of any food service setting because they are sometimes the only individual who interacts with guests throughout their visit.

How a waitress conducts herself and manages customers determines the overall image of the food service establishment.

If you are writing a resume for a waitress position, then keep in mind that employers are very interested in your quantifiable achievements.

They look closely at the accomplishments or Achievements section of a resume as it determines what a candidate could bring to the employer and how she would perform in the future.

Here are some examples of achievements in a waitress role. You can utilize these phrases when writing your resume or CV.

Sample Accomplishments and Achievements for a Waitress CV and Resume

  1. Received excellent ratings in many performance reviews in five years owing to excellent skills in greeting customers, escorting them to their tables, providing menus, and taking orders.
  2. Reduced the operating costs by $40000 per year by managing the inventory of redundant food items and eliminating them from the daily shopping list.
  3. Provided exemplary table service that increased the guest base by 40% within six months.
  4. Attained 500+ 5-star feedback on Google reviews.
  5. Received commendation for multitasking in the largest and busiest section of the restaurant during peak hours.
  6. Made customers feel they were consistently taken care of without invading their privacy.
  7. Ensured customer satisfaction by 100% by delivering food and drinks in a time-efficient and accurate manner.
  8. Helped cook in cutting tasks, saving operational costs of the restaurant by $3000 per month.
  9. Transformed an extremely difficult customer into a patron by providing her premium quality services.
  10. Achieved “Employee of the Month” award for five consecutive months following superior customer service performance and customer feedback.
  11. Maintained perfect attendance for four years in a row.
  12. Managed the cash register accurately for three months in the absence of the cashier.
  13. Provided training to 10 new waiters and waitresses for deployment to the restaurant’s branches across three states.
  14. Resolved internal conflicts between waiters, thereby setting an example for employee relations.
  15. Redesigned the restaurant’s menu by providing valuable customer interest input and increasing patronage as a result.