Top 5 Cocktail Waitress Objectives for Resume

Updated on: April 12, 2022

Cocktail waitresses work in restaurants and hotels where they are required to serve drinks and beverages in a friendly and courteous manner.

This work is usually taken up by entry-level job seekers and students to earn extra cash as they get a good salary and the tips aren’t bad either.

There is no set education standard to work as a cocktail waitress, although employers want cocktail waitresses to be at least high school graduates and possess some alcohol awareness.

Serving cocktails is not all that cocktail waitresses are required to do.

In a hospitality environment, they may be expected to greet guests, take orders, deliver the order and clean both workplaces and guest areas.

They may also be supposed to receive payment for the beverages sold and services rendered.

If you are looking for a way to supplement your income, you may want to work as a waitress.

Let us see what type of objective you can use on your resume when applying for this position.

5 Sample Objectives for Cocktail Waitress Resume

1. A dynamic and energetic individual looking for a Cocktail Waitress position with Hyatt. Bringing the ability to anticipate guests’ needs and fulfill them appropriately to attain the highest level of efficiency.

2. Seeking a position as a Cocktail Waitress with Marriott. Using exceptional customer service and hospitality acumen in order to facilitate customer satisfaction.

3. To obtain a Cocktail Waitress position at Cool Inn. Employing knowledge of different kinds of beverages and the ability to provide excellent customer services to ensure recurring business.

4. A Cocktail Waitress position at Hilton Suites. Bringing strong expertise in managing food and beverages orders with accuracy coupled with the enthusiasm for working effectively in a fast-paced hospitality environment.

5. Looking for a Cocktail Waitress position at Bluebells where I will be able to offer extensive hospitality wisdom along with the ability to work in an environment conducive to customer orientation.


Since the work of a cocktail waitress is highly customer service-oriented, it is essential that she highlights her hospitality and customer service skills in her objective.

Most employers will not want you to know much about drinks or how to mix them, but they will give you the rating on the basis of your ability to provide exceptional customer services.