Letter of Introduction for Substitute Teacher

Updated on: April 1, 2022

A substitute teacher letter of introduction, as the title suggests, is to introduce the job seeker to the recruiter or prospective employer.

In order to write an effective introduction letter for a substitute teacher position, you must reflect adaptability, versatility, and command over various subjects of knowledge.

Job seekers often get worried when asked to write a letter of introduction.

In fact, this is a perfect opportunity for them to communicate with the employer in a personalized manner.

Candidates who use this opportunity smartly seldom get rejected.

Remember, your goal in writing an introduction letter is to inspire and motivate the employer to have a look at your enclosed substitute teacher resume. To attain this impact, you have to make sure that the letter is highly employer-centered.

You have to convince the reader that you offer what they require in the ideal candidate for the substitute teacher position by mentioning some teaching skills and teaching accomplishments to support your claim.

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Substitute Teacher Letter of Introduction Sample

Fiona Ray
678 Ruffle Park
Seattle, WA 34008
(005) 666-2222
fiona @ email . com

April 1, 2022

Mr. Jacob Edward
HR Manager
ABC School
66 NW 23rd Lane
Seattle, WA 34008

‘Kids don’t remember what you teach them; they remember what you are.’   
– Jim Henson

Dear Mr. Edward:

Introducing myself as a passionate educationalist, I would like to apply for the position of substitute teacher at the ABC School, as advertised on your website. I believe that in the profession of teaching every day is a challenge to be the role model of what you want your students to be.

Utilizing my vast knowledge in all subject areas, I bring demonstrated ability to impart lessons to the junior school level. In the advertisement, you have mentioned the need for flexibility and versatility. My experience at the ACE Academy has rendered me with a great deal of adaptability. I am well versed in quickly comprehending, understanding, and implementing lesson plans made by regular teachers.

Additionally, I offer exceptional interpersonal and communicational skills. Being a firm believer in technology-integrated classrooms, I am eager to use my expertise in technology effectively in the capacity of a Substitute Teacher.

I want to request a meeting with you to highlight the relevant features of my profile further. I will call you on Thursday to answer any queries you may have. If, however, you want to speak earlier, my digits are given above.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Fiona Ray
678 Ruffle Park
Seattle, WA 34008
(005) 666-2222
fiona @ email . com

Encl. Resume

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