Entry Level Substitute Teacher Resume No Experience

Updated July 15, 2019

A resume for an entry-level Substitute Teacher is a marketing tool that assists a candidate transit smoothly through a job recruitment process.

It should contain information about why a candidate is employable. That is to say, how they meet the requirements of the prospective employer and how they can contribute to the organization’s success.


How to Write a Substitute Teacher Resume with No Experience?

  1. Include an objective statement.
  2. Decide on a substitute teacher resume format (A skills-based resume format is suitable for most of the candidates.)
  3. Pay special attention to your volunteer work and internships. 
  4. Focus on your education and skills.
  5. Include any extracurricular activities.
  6. Add information regarding your teaching license.

When you have no experience in hand, yet you are still able to make an attractive substitute teacher resume by using the format below.

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Substitute Teacher Resume No Experience


Jane Austin
7 Bobo Road, Dallas, GA 33322
(000) 654-8/541

Substitute Teacher


Seeking a position as a Substitute Teacher employing thirst of imparting knowledge to students of different socioeconomic backgrounds.


BS Degree in Education
State University, Atlanta, GA – 2017
Major: Elementary Education

Georgia State Teaching License


• Highly skilled in planning, organizing, and presenting classroom lectures.
• Good understanding of adopting school cultural practices in classrooms by observing teachers and student behavior.
• Thorough knowledge of lesson plan development and initiating program studies per individual student needs.
• Exceptional comprehension of handling related equipment such as interactive material and projectors to assist in lessons.
• Profound understanding of marking papers and providing student feedback.
• Able to carry out non-instructional duties.


State University, Atlanta | 2/2019-6/2019

• Helped students develop a clear perspective about a career field
• Offered advice on the job search and networking
• Handled career development programs
• Participated in social media generated outreach
• Responded to inquiries in a professional and appropriate manner 


• Excellent verbal and written communication skills (Spanish and English)
• Good attention to detail
• Able to perform well under stress


•  Performed TA duties in the absence thereof
•  Member of the school swimming and football clubs
•  President of the school dramatics society

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