• Start your resume with a performance summary, showcasing your most relevant skills
• Mention your qualifications, education and experience using bullets and headings wherever possible.
• Make a brief yet comprehensive document which concisely shows your relevant background
• Write clear and short sentences using a legible font such as Ariel
• Use keywords specific to the teaching field
• Write descriptive phrases using strong action words

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Substitute Teacher Resume Sample 1


 6770 Cherry Tree Lane ~ Lennox, CA 89392
(008) 222-1111 • hillary @ email . com

 Hillary Dixon


Focused on inspiring students in all aspects of life.

Professional Summary: Dedicated Substitute Teacher with 8+ years’ hands-on experience in creating and managing and delivering lesson plans and implementing school curriculum. Track record of providing a fully supportive and caring environment for students. A tactful individual who exercises control and maintains classroom discipline at all times.


● Lesson Planning● Progress Reporting● Parental Communication
● Relationship Building● Notebook Marking● Record Keeping
● Activity Facilitation● Classroom Management● Moral Development
● Play Time Supervision● Board Updating● Homework Collection


• Planned and prepared the children for a tableau the annual parent’s day successfully while the primary teacher was on leave
• Initiated a pictorial display system of each child’s progress in form of graphs in respective portfolios which was highly commended
• Enhanced class performance and participation of a mainstreamed dyslexic child by 40% through individual attention and well researched learning facilitation
• Earned most helpful aide award during the first year of employment
• Assisted lead teacher in several activities involving renovation of classroom environment during holidays and devising of 21st century technology integrated classroom teaching supportive activities


EDJOIN, Lennox, CA (6/2010 – Present)
Substitute Teacher
• Conduct teaching and classroom activities in absence of primary teacher
• Follow the given lesson plans while implementing and utilizing supportive activities
• Maintain progress records of all children in their respective portfolios
• Develop and submit timely lesson planners based on curriculum in absence of the primary teacher
• Keep the bulletin board updated as per ongoing and upcoming topics of the class

THE LEARNING SCHOOL, Lennox, CA (7/2008 – 5/2010)
Substitute Teacher
• Developed and maintained positive relationships with all students and parents
• Participated in all classroom and lesson planning activities
• Facilitated the teacher in lesson plan implementation and record keeping
• Assisted lead teachers in imparting instruction according to set lesson plans
• Observed students to ensure appropriate classroom behavior and addressed unruly behavior in a prompt manner
• Provided assistance to students with their class assignments and in learning new concepts
• Supervised students during outdoor activities and lunch hours
• Designed and developed teaching aids to help students learn new concepts


MISSION COLLEGE, Lennox, CA – 2008
Associate of Science in Education


Substitute Teacher Resume Sample 2


Valerie Guilford

8977 Fielding Ave, Beverly Hills, CA 87211
☏ (003) 777-6666 ✉ valerie . guilford @ email . com

Performance Profile: Energetic and highly organized Substitute Teacher with extensive experience in planning and imparting age appropriate curriculum. Capable of teaching all subjects and grooming young minds. Committed to produce top quality results utilizing the following talents:

● Lesson planning, implementation and adaptation
● Handling misconduct
● Time management
● Student evaluation and assessment
● Knowledge of cognitive developmental stages


– Lesson tweaking– Behavior management– Research
– Materials development– Lunchroom duty– Hall monitoring
– Study program planning– Mentoring– Records management
– Special needs– Routine establishment– Classroom management


Substitute Teacher (2012 to Present)
ABC SCHOOL, Beverly Hills, CA

• Follow the given lesson plan and implement the same in classroom
• Conduct scheduled assessments and check them timely
• Maintain a neat and clean record of all activities done in class
• Adapt the lesson plan according to the needs of students
• Communicate with the parents regularly regarding progress
• Keep track of all home assignments submitted
• Assist in various after school and co curricular events as needed
• Maintain student records of attendance and leave

Key Accomplishments
• Received the Most Dedicated Teacher award twice in 2010 and 2013
• Responsibly arranged various co-curricular events related to the literacy club during the last two years
• Handled classroom instructions for an entire month in the absence of the lead teacher
• Developed a series of teaching aids to assist students in learning complex concepts associates with English grammar

Teacher’s Assistant (2009 to 2012)

• Studied lesson plans closely to determine ways of carrying out programs of study
• Created classroom environments that are conducive to learning
• Guided students to achieve outcomes set forth in the curriculum
• Assisted students in understanding concepts introduced by the lead teacher
• Provided support with classroom assignments and special projects
• Oversaw students’ work and ensure that any behavior issues are handled promptly
• Performed research work to develop learning materials and ensure that they are implemented properly
• Observed students to determine signs of distress and address their issues immediately
• Supervised student activities during lunch and play times

Key Accomplishments
• Introduced a student record keeping system that increased information management efficiency by 50%
• Singlehandedly managed a class of students with special needs for 2 weeks


Certificate of K-12 Teaching | The K-12 Institute, Beverly Hills, CA | 2009

BA, Education | State University, Beverly Hills, CA | 2008