Substitute Teacher Resume [2 Samples + Duties]

Updated on: May 3, 2023

Substitute teachers are hired on both a temporary and permanent basis. On a temporary basis, they are required to manage classrooms over a short period – usually when a lead teacher is away.

Some schools also hire substitute teachers on a permanent basis so that if at any time a lead teacher is unavailable, the substitute teacher can take her place.

A substitute teacher is usually required to teach all subjects or at the very least know the basics of all.

Typically, a substitute teacher assists with classroom instruction in the absence of a lead teacher.

While substituting, she performs all the jobs of a regular teacher, including handling lessons and ensuring that classroom supplies are aplenty.

It is also the job of a substitute teacher to ensure that regular classroom routines are followed, and discipline is maintained.

How to Write an Interview-Winning Resume for a Substitute Teacher Position?

The following 6 tips and 2 samples will help you write a compelling resume.

  1. Start your resume with an elementary teacher career summary statement to give a snapshot of your professional teaching career.
  2. Mention your teaching skills, education, and experience using bullet points under suitable headings.
  3. Make a brief yet comprehensive resume showcasing your relevant background.
  4. Write clear and short sentences using a legible font such as Ariel.
  5. Use keywords that are specific to the teaching field.
  6. Write descriptive phrases using strong action words.

Here are 2 sample resumes for a substitute teacher position.

Substitute Teacher Resume Sample 1
(6+ Years Experience)

Hillary Dixon
6770 Cherry Tree Lane, Lennox, CA 89392
(000) 222-4353

Focused on inspiring students in all aspects of life.

Dedicated Substitute Teacher with 11+ years of hands-on experience in creating, managing, and delivering lesson plans and implementing school curriculum. Track record of providing a fully supportive and caring environment for students. A tactful individual who exercises control and maintains classroom discipline at all times.

– Lesson Planning – Progress Reporting
– Communication with Parents – Relationship Building
– Notebook Marking – Record Keeping
– Activity Facilitation – Classroom Management
– Play Time Supervision


  • Planned and prepared the children for a tableau during the annual parent’s day successfully when the lead teacher was on leave.
  • Initiated a graphics display system of each child’s progress in the form of graphs in respective portfolios which was highly commended.
  • Enhanced class performance and participation of a mainstream dyslexic child by 40% through individual attention and well-researched learning facilitation.
  • Earned the most helpful aide award during the first year of employment.
  • Assisted lead teacher in several activities involving the renovation of the classroom environment during holidays and devising of 21st-century technology-integrated classroom teaching support activities.


Substitute Teacher
AA School, Lennox, CA
May 2016 – Present

  • Conduct teaching and classroom activities in the absence of the lead teacher.
  • Follow the given lesson plans while implementing and utilizing supportive activities.
  • Maintain progress records of all children in their respective portfolios.
  • Develop and submit timely lesson planners based on the curriculum in the absence of the primary teacher.
  • Keep the bulletin board updated as per the ongoing and upcoming topics of the class.

Substitute Teacher
The Learning School, Lennox, CA
Dec 2011 – May 2016

  • Developed and maintained positive relationships with students and parents.
  • Participated in all classroom and lesson-planning activities.
  • Facilitated the teacher in lesson plan implementation and record keeping.
  • Assisted lead teachers in imparting instruction according to set lesson plans.
  • Observed students for appropriate classroom behavior and promptly addressed unruly behavior.
  • Provided assistance to students with their class assignments and in learning new concepts.
  • Supervised students during outdoor activities and lunch hours.
  • Designed and developed teaching aids to help students learn new ideas.

Associate of Science in Education

Substitute Teacher Resume Sample 2
(1-5 Years Experience)

Valerie Guilford
8977 Fielding Ave
Beverly Hills, CA 87211
(000) 8569-9832

Energetic and highly organized Substitute Teacher with 4+ years of extensive experience in planning and imparting age-appropriate curriculum. Capable of teaching all subjects and grooming young minds. 


  • Lesson planning, implementation, and adaptation
  • Handling misconduct
  • Time management
  • Student evaluation and assessment
  • Cognitive developmental 

– Lesson tweaking – Materials development
– Study program planning – Special needs
– Behavior management – Lunchroom duty
– Mentoring – Routine establishment


Substitute Teacher
ABC School, Beverly Hills, CA

  • Follow the given lesson plan and implement the same in the classroom.
  • Conduct scheduled assessments and check them timely.
  • Maintain a neat and clean record of all activities done in class.
  • Adapt the lesson plan according to the needs of students.
  • Communicate with the parents regularly regarding progress.
  • Keep track of all home assignments submitted.
  • Assist in various after-school and co-curricular events as needed.
  • Maintain student records of attendance and leave.

Key Accomplishments

  • Received the Most Dedicated Teacher award twice in 2020 and 2021.
  • Responsibly arranged various co-curricular events related to the literacy club during the last two years.
  • Handled classroom instructions for an entire month in the absence of the lead teacher.
  • Developed a series of teaching aids to assist students in learning complex concepts associated with English grammar.

Teacher’s Assistant
Hill Sight School, Chandler, AZ

  • Studied lesson plans closely to determine ways of carrying out programs of study.
  • Created classroom environments that were conducive to learning.
  • Guided students to achieve outcomes outlined in the curriculum.
  • Assisted students in understanding concepts introduced by the lead teacher.
  • Provided support for classroom assignments and special projects.
  • Oversaw students’ work and ensured that any behavior issues were handled promptly.
  • Performed research work to develop learning materials and ensure that they were correctly implemented.
  • Observed students to determine signs of distress and address their issues immediately.
  • Supervised student activities during lunch and playtimes.

Key Accomplishments

  • Introduced a student record-keeping system that increased information management efficiency by 50%.
  • Singlehandedly managed a class of students with special needs for two weeks.

Certificate of K-12 Teaching
Beverly Technical College, Beverly Hills, CA

BA Degree in Education
State University, Beverly Hills, CA

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Substitute Teacher Job Description for Resume

  • Take instructions from the school office and the lead teacher about handling classroom instruction.
  • Read and understand curriculum and lesson plans.
  • Refer to the lesson plan left by a lead teacher and ensure that appropriate measures are taken to follow it.
  • Ensure that classroom instruction is handled according to the school’s policies, goals, and objectives.
  • Manage student behavior and classroom order.
  • Ensure that a climate of fairness and respect is promoted.
  • Take necessary actions and reasonable actions to ensure the safety of students, materials, and school equipment.
  • Collect and correct students’ papers and assignments according to the procedures of the school.
  • Return corrected or graded papers to students and make sure that they understand the grading system.
  • Hand out instructional materials to students and make sure that they are handled with care.
  • Make sure that a non-discriminatory atmosphere is maintained in classrooms.
  • Lead extracurricular activities and ensure the safety and well-being of students in the outdoors.
  • Follow up on any instructions left for the lead teacher and ensure that they are followed appropriately.
  • Evacuate students from the class in an emergency in an orderly manner.
  • Take responsibility for students who are picked up late and ensure their safety.
  • Create a substitute teaching/instruction report at the end of each day and hand it to the principal.
  • Inquire if substitute services will be needed the next day and make appropriate arrangements for it.

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