Substitute teaching is a great line of work which requires extensive classroom management and communication skills in addition to a lot of adaptability. This job also demands exceptional time management skills.

Creating a cover letter for the position is a bit more complicated than that of a regular teaching position. In order to build a good cover letter, you should use bullet points or a table.

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Substitute Teacher Cover Letter Sample


Hannah Fielding

876 Guilford Sq, Tucson, AZ 78993
Cellular: (004) 222-5555, Home: (005) 222-4444
hannah @ email .com

March 25, 2016

Ms. Gina Watson
Rochester High School
73 Evergreen Lane
Tucson, AZ 78993


Dear Ms. Watson:

Capitalizing on my success handling students and assisting lead teachers, I am seeking a position as Substitute Teacher at Rochester High School where my classroom management, communication and organizational skills will be fully utilized.

Some of the talents and expertise I bring to the position include:

● Well versed in maintaining the pre-established lesson routines and procedures
● Committed to take full responsibility of the class and maintain reasonable level of class discipline
● Profound ability to impart lessons in absence of lead teacher
● Skilled in using modern technology, equipment and software
● Demonstrated ability to review, edit, adapt and develop lesson plans

I am positive that my track record, dedication and professionalism will allow me to contribute significantly to Rochester High School. Please contact me at (000) 989-6767 so that I may discuss with you my background and passion for Teaching Assistant job.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you in near future.



Hannah Fielding

Attachment: resume