Top 28 Achievements for a Teacher Resume

Updated: March 16, 2023

An accomplishment is anything that brought about a positive change in your work surroundings due to your efforts.

While your achievements are unlimited, it is best to write only ones that are directly related to the teaching profession.

How to Write Professional Accomplishments for a Teacher Resume?

If you have not kept track of your accomplishments in the past, you might want to go back a little and think hard about what you achieved professionally.

Think of all the contributions that you made to the different schools where you worked:

  1. Did you get an appreciation for your teaching skills?
  2. Did you implement or develop a new program or strategy?
  3. Did you bring about a positive change in the school environment?

If the answer to any of these is yes, you have to write it in your resume. See the 28 sample teaching accomplishments statements below to get more ideas.

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Teacher Achievements and Accomplishments Statements for Resume

  1. Singlehandedly created, developed, and implemented an inclusion module to integrate students with special needs into a regular educational system.
  2. Implemented a series of activities based learning programs, which increased student interest in regular lessons.
  3. Introduced a novel behavior management program, which reduced incidents of unacceptable behavior by 80%.
  4. Led a student body for a MUN (Model United Nations), convention, receiving an award for the best and most intense involvement in the core program.
  5. Successfully implemented the International Baccalaureate program, increasing representation of the school on an international level.
  6. Researched new materials and resources for a primary school program, resulting in the betterment of students’ grades.
  7. Attained the ‘Teacher of the Year Award’ in 2022 owing to exceptional contribution to the state education system.
  8. Created, developed, and implemented an all-encompassing curriculum on a state level, without help from external sources.
  9. Successfully helped students in college admissions through appropriate and well-placed career counseling.
  10. Reinvented the lesson planning module by incorporating current affairs and international relations as subjects, bringing students to par with their peers from other schools.
  11. Directed Student Comp, a reading comprehension exercise that resulted in a 70% increase in students’ participation in reading exercises.
  12. Designed a series of multimedia presentations to familiarize parents with the school system.
  13. Implemented an applied behavior analysis program, which increased students’ ability to initiate tasks independently.
  14. Collaborated with a local library to introduce young students to the concept of reading and “real” books.
  15. Encouraged students to learn about their cultural heritage by creating a series of history lessons.
  16. Enriched students’ learning environments by incorporating short history, art, and literature lessons into original curriculums.
  17. Introduced “circle time,” which increased students’ confidence and ability to engage in conversation with each other.
  18. Initiated a 2-way communication system that encouraged students to take equal part during lesson impartation and class discussions.
  19. Introduced celebrity speakers, an initiative to encourage celebrities to speak on topics under discussion in class, thereby increasing students’ interest in subjects such as art and history.
  20. Decreased teaching aids cost by 50% by introducing technology-based learning.
  21. Developed and implemented a teaching program that catered to the social, academic, and cognitive development of young students.
  22. Designed and implemented a curriculum and corresponding instructional materials, which resulted in successful term kick-start activities.
  23. Planned and ran activities that focused on building the motor skills of 25 preschoolers and preparing them for subsequent terms.
  24. Collaborated with two other teachers and Library Services to launch Circle Time which resulted in 50% more use of the school library.
  25. Established and implemented an applied behavioral program that enriched the student learning experience and improved their ability to initiate school projects independently, thereby reducing the instructional time by 20%.
  26. Created and implemented a grading system coined “Evaluate Minds” which focused on students’ ability to perform without the stress of impending exams, resulting in a 40% increase in grades.
  27. Improved 7 students’ reading comprehension by 50% by employing flashcard tactics and introducing group discussions.
  28. Increased the number of students completing assignments on time by 40% by employing a group studies initiative.

Final Thought

Job seekers often face some confusion when differentiating a duty from an accomplishment.

Since you cannot interchange the two when writing a resume, you need to understand what each is used for.

Work activity is something that you do on an everyday basis and comes under the experience section on a resume.

On the other hand, an accomplishment is the result of your actions, which you have written under the experience section. It is placed under the accomplishments or achievements section on a resume.

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