Substitute Teacher Interview Thank You Letter

Updated on June 2, 2018

Once a reasonable time has passed after you have appeared for an interview for a Substitute Teacher position, it is in good taste to write a thank you letter to the interviewer.

Thank you letters written after an interview are taken positively because they tell the interviewer that you have professional ethics. And of course, they give you yet another chance to connect with the employer and briefly reiterate your interest in the job.

If you have recently appeared at an interview for a substitute teacher position, it is now time to write a thank you letter. A simple document, a thank you letter will be addressed directly to the person who interviewed you, thanking him for her time and patience in interviewing you.

You can proceed to briefly outline the skills that make you an excellent choice for a substitute teacher’s position (do not go into too much detail – the detail has already been managed in the cover letter) and politely sign off.

Refer below for a sample thank you letter written by a substitute teacher who has recently appeared at an interview:


Substitute Teacher Interview Thank You Letter Sample


June 2, 2018


Ms. Autumn Augustine
St. Paul’s High School
1092 Vitus Lane
Springfield, OR 10745


Dear Mrs. Augustine:

Thank you for your time and patience in interviewing me for a substitute teacher position at St. Paul’s last Monday. Speaking with you about the requirements and the challenges that this position poses has solidified my resolve to obtain this position more than ever.

As you know, I graduated from St. Paul’s High School five years ago and I have a special place for my alma mater due to this reason primarily. During the interview, we discussed that since I am familiar with most of the teaching procedures that St. Paul’s advocates, I will be quite suitable to work here. I am especially interested in the activity-based programs that you are now introducing to junior school students to meet international education standards, and I believe that I am capable of contributing to the lift-off of this project in a support position.

In a substitute teacher role, my capabilities go beyond the standard class observation and lesson imparting duties. I detailed my expertise in developing curriculum and lesson plans, and I am confident that they will be of much interest to you.

I would like to thank you once again for your consideration and look forward to the second interview.



Tina Turner

Enc. Resume