Substitute Teacher Job Description for Resume

Updated on: June 4, 2019

Position Overview

Substitute teachers are hired on both a temporary and permanent basis.

On a temporary basis, they are required to manage classrooms over a short period – usually when a lead teacher is away.


Some schools also hire substitute teachers on a permanent basis so that if at any time a lead teacher is unavailable, the substitute teacher can take her place.

A substitute teacher is usually required to teach all subjects or at the very least know the basics of all.

Typically, a substitute teacher assists with classroom instruction in the absence of a lead teacher.

While substituting, she performs all the jobs of a regular teacher, including handling lessons and ensuring that classroom supplies are aplenty.



It is also the job of a substitute teacher to ensure that regular classroom routines are followed, and discipline is maintained.

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Sample Job Description for Substitute Teacher Resume

• Take instructions from the school office and lead teacher about handling classroom instruction

• Read and understand curriculum and lesson plans

• Refer to the lesson plan left by a lead teacher and ensure that appropriate measures are taken to follow it

• Ensure that classroom instruction is handled according to the school’s policies, goals, and objectives

• Manage student behavior and classroom order

• Ensure that a climate of fairness and respect is promoted

• Take necessary actions and reasonable actions to ensure the safety of students, materials and school equipment

• Collect and correct students’ papers and assignments according to the procedures of the school

• Return corrected or graded papers to students and make sure that they understand the grading system

• Hand out instructional materials to students and make sure that they are handled with care

• Make sure that a non-discriminatory atmosphere is maintained in classrooms

• Lead extracurricular activities and ensure the safety and wellbeing of students in the outdoors

• Follow up on any instructions left for the lead teacher and ensure that they are followed appropriately

• Evacuate students from the class in an orderly manner

• Take responsibility of students who are picked up late and ensure their safety

• Create a substitute teaching/instruction report at the end of each day and hand it to the principal

• Inquire if substitute services will be needed the next day and make appropriate arrangements for it

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