Top 12 Substitute Teacher Resume Objective Examples

Updated October 19, 2021
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While many people believe that a resume is complete without an objective statement, most employers look for a career objective when they start reading a resume.

An eye-catching objective statement is sure to entice the recruiter to read the entire resume.

How to Write a Great Objective Statement for a Substitute Teacher Resume?

First of all, view the Substitute Teacher Job Description given by the recruiter in the job advertisement. Also, see the skills and qualifications required by the employer.

Once you become aware of the needs of the employer, you will be able to tailor your objective statement accordingly.

Write your objective statement by mentioning the position title, school name, 2-3 of your core competencies, and what you can do using your skills and experiences.

It must be remembered that an objective statement must be employer-centered.

That being said, do not write a selfish objective that tells the employer that you want a job because you want to use them as a step of your career ladder.

Now that we have discussed the importance of an objective statement, let’s move to some sample objectives for a substitute teacher resume.

Sample Objectives for Substitute Teacher Resume

Substitute Teacher Objectives With Experience

1. Seasoned Substitute Teacher seeking a position at ABC School. Poised to provide students with the highest standards of academic integrity through rigorous, content-rich, educational programs that develop their intellectual capacity, personal character, and leadership skills.

2. To work for ABC School in the capacity of a Substitute Teacher. Leveraging 3+ years of teaching experience to effectively manage classroom, groom students, and facilitate activities. A versatile supervisor and communicator who is familiar with technology integrated classroom practices such as Google Classroom.

3. Poised to work for Springfield Public School as a Substitute Teacher. Bringing expertise in classroom instruction, curriculum implementation, and assignment facilitation to create and maintain a cognitively stimulating environment in the classroom.

4. Self-directed and resourceful educationalist with 5 years of progressively responsible teaching experience. Seeking a similar role with XYZ School, to make the most of my enthusiasm to get the best results and improve school ranking.

5. Dedicated educationist, committed to providing excellent cognitive and social support to young students in order to groom their minds and reinforce the learning objectives. Eager to work for ABC School in the role of a Substitute Teacher to implement the mission and philosophy of the School.

6. Energetic and hardworking substitute teacher, seeking work with the Early Education Centre to manage a classroom of students within a broad range of ages. A sincere desire to aid all students, and aptitude for successful completion of tasks assigned.

7. To contribute to St Louis School in the role of a highly competent Substitute Teacher who is apt at reinforcing learning objectives and delivering classroom instructions as per the lesson plan prepared by the lead teacher.

8. Versatile and accomplished Teacher seeking a position with ACE International Academy. Well-versed in integrating technology into daily lessons. Track record of filling in for teachers on leave at short notice and implementing the given lesson plan effectively.

9. To attain a Substitute Teacher position at the Houston Public School where 6+ years’ experience in lesson implementation, curriculum enhancement, and student instruction could be put to productive use.

10. Seeking a job as a Substitute Teacher at XYZ School where the ability to adapt to different learning styles and proficiency in communication can be utilized to provide students with a stimulating educational environment.

Entry Level Substitute Teacher Resume Objectives With No Experience

11. To obtain a position as an entry-level Substitute Teacher at ABC School. Current Ohio teaching certification. Poised to help students to learn subject materials, as well as skills that will lead toward the fulfillment of their potential for emotional, intellectual, and psychological growth.

12. Eager to contribute to AA School as a Substitute Teacher. Bringing the capacity to think creatively and collaborate with peers to implement the innovative curriculum. Ability to communicate effectively with children, parents, coworkers, and administrators.

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