Substitute Teacher Resume Objective Examples

Updated July 14, 2019

The importance of a Substitute Teacher Resume objective is a long and arduous debate.

While some employers believe that a resume is complete even if a resume objective is not given, most employers look for a career objective as soon as they pick up a resume.


To be on the safe side, let us assume that a resume objective is important and we will tell you why?

A resume is usually a boring document for most of the employers. Let us imagine that a hiring manager has been going through a dozen resumes before picking up an especially good one.

What is to say that he will not put it down or throw it away in a bad mood unless he sees something that does not let him read?

Enter resume objective! An eye-catching resume objective is sure to make him pick up a resume and read the entire contents.


A candidate must remember – never write a self-serving objective that tells an employer that you want a job just because of the salary in question. An objective statement needs to be entirely employer’s oriented.

Let us give some examples of a Substitute Teacher resume objective.

Since this is a support job, a resume objective is critical. Look the following examples of workable resume objectives for a substitute teacher:


Substitute Teacher Resume Objective Examples

• To attain a Substitute Teacher position with the Houston Public School where 6+ years’ experience in lesson implementation, curriculum enhancement, and student instruction could be put to productive use.

• To work for Little Angels School as a Substitute Teacher. Offering skills in classroom management, students grooming and activity facilitation. A versatile supervisor and communicator who is familiar with technology integrated classroom practices.

• A challenging position as a Substitute Teacher at the Springfield Public School. Bringing expertise in classroom instruction, curriculum implementation, and assignment facilitation. Apt at creating and maintaining a cognitively stimulating environment in the classroom.

• Self-directed and resourceful professional with 5 years’ progressive experience as a Teacher. Seeking a similar role with Paradise Education System.

• Dedicated educationist, committed to providing excellent cognitive and social support to young students in order to groom their minds and reinforce the learning objectives. Eager to work for ABC School in the role of a Substitute Teacher.

• Energetic and hardworking substitute teacher, seeking work with the Early Education Centre.

• To contribute to St Louis School in the role of a highly competent Substitute Teacher who is apt at reinforcing weekly learning objectives and delivering classroom instructions as per the lesson plan prepared by the class teacher.

• Versatile and accomplished educational support provider seeking a position with ACE International Academy. Well versed in integrating technology into daily lessons. Track record of filling in for teachers on leave at short notice and implementing the given lesson plan effectively.

• Looking for a Substitute Teacher position with an educational organization employing exceptional classroom management skills and deep-level teaching expertise in a stimulating environment.

• Seeking a job as a Substitute Teacher at XYZ School where the ability to adapt to different learning styles and proficiency in communication can be utilized to provide benefit to students in an educational environment.

• To obtain a position of a Substitute Teacher where I may be able to provide the institute with the advantage of my extensive educational and teaching background.

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