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Student CNA Resume Sample and Template

If you are a nursing student who aspires to obtain a CNA position, you must make sure that your resume speaks highly of you. Even though you may not have experience at this point, you have to make a conscious effort to come out on top of things. That is, your profile as an individual… Read More »

Geriatric Nursing Assistant Resume Sample

If you feel that you have all the necessary qualifications needed for a Geriatric Nursing Assistant job and are unable to get hired, it’s time to think about rebuilding your resume. A resume is a highly effective tool for marketing your candidacy only if used smartly. The following is a geriatric nursing assistant resume sample… Read More »

CNA Skills or Functional Resume Example

A functional or skills-based resume for a certified nursing assistant emphasizes on transferable skills and relevant abilities of a candidate. This format is used to tell an employer about all the nursing assistance tasks you can perform; skills and expertise that will make an impact on an employer to call you an interview! No matter… Read More »

Top 5 Certified Nursing Assistant Resume Samples

A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) resume is a one- to two-page document that summarizes the candidate’s qualifications for the certified nursing assistant job. In particular, it is a marketing tool that advertises your qualifications, experiences, and skills. The following are 5 perfect certified nursing assistant resume examples, along with 6 tips to guide you on… Read More »

Top 37 Certified Nursing Assistant Resume Objective Examples

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Top 25 Certified Nursing Assistant Resume Summary Examples

A certified nursing assistant (CNA) who wants to apply for a new job must ensure to write a compelling resume summary statement. As a resume opener, the CNA resume summary dictates whether or not it is worth reading the rest of the document. As a certified nursing assistant, your resume summary statement should sing great… Read More »

Nursing Assistant Resume Samples & Writing Guide

In order to compete in today’s competitive job market, you should craft an eye-catching resume for the nursing assistant position. Your resume must contain facts and figures regarding your professional qualifications in a concise and visually appealing manner. How to Write a Nursing Assistant Resume? Modern nursing assistant resumes contain two critical sections: 1. Profile/Summary A… Read More »

27 Certified Nursing Assistant Qualifications for Resume

A resume for a Certified Nursing Assistant position should be written in a way that catches the eye of the recruiter at the very first glance. This can be done by mentioning your most relevant qualifications, skills, and abilities from the recruiter’s perspective. Which qualifications do recruiters want to see in a Certified Nursing Assistant… Read More »