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CNA Job Description and Duties for Resume

CNA Job Description Certified nursing assistants or CNAs are the most in-demand healthcare professionals in the USA and Canada. They hold a crucial role because they act as a bridge between healthcare professionals and patients. In general, they offer direct and indirect patient care. They assess patients’ conditions while ensuring their safety and well-being. Also,… Read More »

CNA Accomplishments and Achievements for Resume

A certified nursing assistant or CNA works for an assisted facility or a hospital, depending on her individual choice of workplace. They are responsible for providing ongoing care to patients from the time they are admitted to the time when they are discharged. Besides that, they assist registered nurses in administering medication, helping patients with… Read More »

Top Skills for Certified Nursing Assistant Resume

Certified nursing assistants help people take care of their personal needs such as grooming, cleaning, transportation, and personal hygiene. They work in hospitals, clinics, private homes, and aged care facilities. In general, the job of a CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant demands a high degree of professionalism. Whether you want to or not, writing the… Read More »

20 Certified Nursing Assistant Qualifications for Resume

A resume for a Certified Nursing Assistant position should be written in a way that catches the eye of the recruiter at very first glance. This can be done by mentioning your most relevant qualifications, skills, and abilities from the recruiter’s perspective. Which qualifications do recruiters want to see in a Certified Nursing Assistant Resume?… Read More »