CNA Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: July 14, 2020

Job Description

Certified nursing assistants or CNAs are the most in-demand healthcare professionals in the USA and Canada. They hold a crucial role because they act as a bridge between healthcare professionals and patients.

In general, they offer direct and indirect patient care. They assess patients’ condition while ensuring their safety and well-being. Also, they support patients in the activities of daily living. For instance, personal hygiene, grooming, bathing, and dressing.

The following is a list of typical CNA duties and responsibilities.  Feel free to use these CNA job description statements in order to build the experience section of a CNA Resume.

Sample Duties for Certified Nursing Assistant Resume

• Check and record vital signs, such as blood pressure and temperature.

• Measure and record height, as well as the weight of patients.

• Collect blood samples and body fluids.

• Send samples to the lab for testing purpose.

• Observe the patient’s responses, reactions, and changes to medications.

• Assist residents and clients with bedpans and urinals.

• Help patients with nutritional needs.

• Check food trays as well as monitor food intake.

• Help patients with personal hygiene and bathing.

• Provide nail, hair, and skin care.

• Assist patients and residents with dressing and undressing.

• Help nurses and doctors in assessing patients’ conditions.

• Provide the required information for care plan preparation.

• Collect data regarding patients’ diseases, conditions, and treatment plans.

• Punch information into charts and database as appropriate.

• Examine patients in order to determine any additional issues.

• Keep an eye on vital signs changing, and inform the head nurse whenever required.

• Monitor patients’ condition on a constant basis.

• Immediately communicate any inconsistency or change in patients’ conditions to the doctor or nurse.

• Set up medical equipment and tools

• Support doctors and nurses in examining patients.

• Quickly respond to calls for assistance by patients.

• Calm down distressed patients following established protocols.

• Educate patients and families regarding examination, treatments, and surgical procedures.

• Turn and reposition bedridden patients while maintaining their comfort level.

• Change bedsheets and covers on a regular basis.

• Carry soiled linen to the laundry for washing and sanitization.

• Transport patients between doctors’ offices and examination rooms.

• Ensure the physical and emotional wellbeing of patients.

• Administer medication and change bandages.

• Adjust oxygen levels to ensure constant patient comfort.

• Assist patients and families by teaching them assisted living techniques.

• Teach patients how to use canes and walkers, and special utensils to eat and drink.

• Assist physical therapists by helping position patients.

• Safeguard patients from hazardous materials or situations.

• Perform housekeeping activities while ensuring the cleanliness of patients’ rooms.

• Clean, sanitize, and maintain medical equipment.

• Record patients information in manual and computerized logs.

• Transport patients between procedure rooms and appointments.

• Assist clients with household chores such as cleaning, errands running, and grocery shopping.

• Administer enema as well as douches if required.

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Duties for Private CNA Resume

Usually, CNAs work in hospitals, clients’ homes, hospitals, and healthcare centers alike. On the other hand, some Certified Nursing Assistants also work in a private capacity. For instance, in the homes of clients. They need to perform a somewhat different set of tasks such as:

• Accompany patients to appointments and recreation activities.

• Perform shopping and run errands.

• Prepare and serve nutritious meals.

• Perform light household tasks such as dusting and laundry.

• Develop a good rapport with clients.

• Provide clients with emotional support.

• Support clients and families in difficult and painful times.

View the Bureau of Labor Statics (CNA) for further information on CNA Job Description.

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