CNA Internship Duties and Responsibilities

Updated on: November 12, 2015

Position Overview

A certified nursing assistant intern generally works under the supervision of a senior CNA and assists in providing direct and indirect nursing care to patients. Typical duties include; providing personal care, transportation, exercise, hygiene and eating assistance.

CNA Internship Duties and Responsibilities

• Learn medical procedures including catheterization, enema, irrigation, douche and massage under direction of RN and CNA
• Ensure proper and timely intake of oral medication as per doctor’s prescription
• Help patients in using wheel chairs, walking, exercising and moving in and out of bed
• Assist in transportation of patients from one department to another using stretchers and wheel chairs
• Ensure personal grooming of patients by cleaning, changing, bathing, combing hair, trimming nails, shaving, bathing and dressing patients who are unable to perform these tasks
• Replenish medical supplies on the floor and maintain inventories for the same
• Restrain patients who are hyper or undergoing a procedure if necessary
• Regularly turn and relocate bedridden patients single handedly to prevent bedsores
• Change linens of patient’s beds regularly
• Provide bedpans to bedridden patients when required and empty catheter bags regularly
• Sterilize all equipment used on the floor regularly and prepare treatment trays before procedures
• Maintain patient charts and keep them updated at all times, take and record their vitals periodically
• Assist the patients in taking their meals and ensure that the meal they are served is suitable and in accordance to their doctor’s prescription
• Prepare, serve and collect food trays
• Set up, sterilize and operate bedside equipment including oxygen machines, suction machines and overhead irrigation bottles
• Move, set up and operate portable x-ray machines for x-ray imaging
• Monitor and record patients’ food intake and maintain nourishment chart
• Observe and record each patients’ daily progress and report any irregularity or pint of concern observed to the treating physician or RN immediately
• Collect specimens for lab testing including urine, stool, sputum and blood
• Provide clerical assistance by updating records, scheduling appointments and forwarding documents
• Greet and direct visitors to respective patient beds
• Perform household services and housecleaning tasks regularly
• Ensure maintenance of assigned rooms in a neat, clean, sanitized and hygienic manner at all times
• Perform basic medical procedures independently including temperature recording , blood pressure taking, pulse recording and giving whirlpools
• Attend and respond aptly to patients’ calls, bells and signals
• Provide assistance to patients in daily living skills
• Carefully note and observe patients’ responses to any changed or new medications
• Monitor patients for any medicine reaction or breathing difficulty
• Dress the wounds of post-surgical patients singlehandedly following HIPPA issued infection control protocols

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