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Top 28 Nursing Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Nursing assistants are vital to hospitals and other medical facilities. That is why hiring them is a huge responsibility. When an interview process is designed to hire someone at this position, it focuses on what the applicant can offer in terms of monitoring patients’ conditions and providing basic nursing care. Most questions will be based… Read More »

Student CNA Resume Sample and Template

If you are a nursing student who aspires to obtain a CNA position, you must make sure that your resume speaks highly of you. Even though you may not have experience at this point, you have to make a conscious effort to come out on top of things. That is, your profile as an individual… Read More »

Letter of Recommendation for CNA to Nursing School

Being at the top of a reporting line carries a lot of responsibility. Not only do you have to plan a strategy and deal with crises, but you also have to write recommendation letters when your staff wants to move on! This can be a bit daunting sometimes, but do remember that you don’t have… Read More »

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Nursing Attendant Resume Sample

Do you remember the first time you wrote a resume for the nursing attendant position? Resumes have changed tremendously over the last few years. Acceptable formats and information are no longer so.   Hiring managers now require a lot more from a candidate than mere information about education and experience. The reason that resumes are… Read More »

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Nursing Attendant Cover Letter Example

Cover letters must be designed in a way that they seem like a piece of art to the hiring manager. Unfortunately, not all cover letters are made that way. Some candidates seem to think that it is alright to put in boring information, in a mundane way. But by doing this, you are not favoring… Read More »

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Nursing Attendant Job Description for Resume

Nursing attendants work in dedicated nursing homes or rehabilitation facilities, depending on their specific job placements. These individuals are required to provide one on one care to their assigned patients, to ensure their physical and emotional comfort. Working as a nursing attendant is an exceptionally challenging job. One has to be extremely patient and possess… Read More »

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Nursing Attendant Interview Questions and Answers

There are many ways that you can adapt to answer tricky interview questions. Listening intently to what you are being asked is important. Unless you understand the questions correctly, you won’t be able to answer them correctly. Remember that each answer that you give may lead to another question that will test your previous response.… Read More »

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State Tested Nurse Aide (STNA) Resume Sample

Scannable resumes for state tested nurse aide position get accepted in a pinch. A scannable resume is one that a first level employee – usually a clerk – scans into the system as an image. The end result may easily be an unreadable one (human error). To minimize the chances of this, make sure that… Read More »

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STNA Cover Letter Sample

Never before have cover letters been as easy to write as they are now. Why, you ask? The type of resources that are required to write a good cover letter are almost in your lap. Access to good information and advice regarding cover letter writing is no longer a problem, since the Internet has all… Read More »

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