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Top 28 Nursing Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Nursing assistants are vital to hospitals and other medical facilities. That is why hiring them is a huge responsibility. When an interview process is designed to hire someone at this position, it focuses on what the applicant can offer in terms of monitoring patients’ conditions and providing basic nursing care. Most questions will be based… Read More »

Profile Statements for CNA Resume

Since the work of a CNA is tough, you as an applicant must make it easy for the hiring manager to choose you. This is to say that the profile statement, which marks the beginning of your main job application document, must be properly worded.   In a CNA Profile or Summary statement, mention how… Read More »

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CNA Resume Objectives With No Experience

Even if you have no formal experience as a certified nursing assistant, you will have some exposure to patient services, as it is the requirement of the certification. This goes in your favor a great deal. When applying for an entry-level CNA job, you will be considered a good match for the hiring manager’s requirements.… Read More »

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Student CNA Resume Sample

When you are a nursing student who aspires to obtain a CNA position, you must make sure that your resume speaks highly of you. Even though you may not have experience at this point, you have to make a conscious effort to come out on top of things. That is, your profile as an individual… Read More »

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Nursing Student CNA Cover Letter

When you are a nursing student who is aspiring to obtain a CNA position, your first thought should be “how do I write a cover letter to impress?” Your cover letter is your most important tool at this moment. And you must know how to use it.   In fact, whatever you write in your… Read More »

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Hospice CNA Resume Sample

A hospice CNA’s work is not easy, that is why employers prefer the most competent certified nursing assistants. And if you want to be considered the best, your resume has to be excellently written. As a hospice CNA, your resume should highlight how well you can provide end of life care to patients. When writing… Read More »

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Hospice CNA Cover Letter Sample

Writing a cover letter for a hospice CNA position will require a lot of heart from you. Since hospice CNAs provide end of life care to patients, they need to possess a certain type of personality. And this needs to be communicated to the recruiter. When applying for a hospice nursing assistant position, you must… Read More »

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Letter of Recommendation for CNA to Nursing School

Being at the top of a reporting line carries a lot of responsibility. Not only do you have to plan a strategy and deal with crises, but you also have to write recommendation letters when your staff wants to move on! This can be a bit daunting sometimes, but do remember that you don’t have… Read More »

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CNA Resume for Hospital

Resumes for the certified nursing assistant position are not logs of your job history, and they aren’t going to get you the job automatically. You have to make an effort to highlight yourself as a viable candidate. Below is an excellent Sample CNA resume, specifically written to apply for a job in a hospital. See… Read More »

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