Nurse Aide Resume Example [How to Write]

Updated on: July 30, 2021
How to Write an Excellent Resume for Nurse Aide Position?

A Nurse Aide resume is a short document used to summarize a job seeker’s skills, experience, and qualifications for a recruiter.

A resume typically includes the job seeker’s contact information, skills, professional experience, education, and relevant certifications.

In fact, an interview chance is only based on how well you present yourself in your resume.

In order to make your resume effective, use powerful verbs such as collaborated or implemented. Also, focus on your quantifiable accomplishments in the experience section.

Here is a resume sample for a nurse aide position that will help you write your own.

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Sample Resume for Nurse Aide Position

Clara Parker
8 68th Street NW, Bradenton, FL 01252
(000) 145-7474 
clara.parker @ email . com

 Nurse Aide

Compassionate and detail-oriented nurse aide with 11 years’ progressively responsible experience in providing direct patient care in accordance with specific treatment plans. A compassionate and caring individual who has deep insight into providing patients with support in handling basic needs while maintaining their dignity. Effectively assists patients with personal hygiene, toileting, grooming, and dressing. CNA and BLA Certified.

• Personal Support • Feeding Assistance
• Ambulation Support • Patient Hygiene
• Medication Administration • Therapeutic Support
• Catheterization • Specimen Collection
• Patient/Family Education • Equipment Setup
• Exercises Assistance • Body Alignment


Nurse Aide
Seton Medical Center, Bradenton, FL
July 2018 – Present
Key Achievements
• Rehabilitated a bedridden patient who had undergone spinal surgery by providing him with exceptional bedside care.
• Wrote a short booklet on basic patient care at home which is now being used as part of the patient education system at the facility.
Key Responsibilities
• Counsel a patient out of debilitating depression, which resulted in him recovering from his physical ailment quickly.
• Comprehend patients’ individual healthcare plans and devise ways of providing direct patient care.
• Assist patients with personal care services such as toileting, washing, grooming, and dressing.
• Provide support to patients who cannot feed themselves by feeding them food cooked according to their nutritional needs.
• Take and record patients’ vitals such as blood pressure, pulse, and temperature.
• Observe patients for signs of distress or changes in conditions and alert the nursing manager.
• Assist patients with ambulation and encourage them to take part in therapeutic exercises.

Nurse Aide
City Medical, Tampa, FL
May 2013 – July 2018
Key Achievements
• Taught 3 groups of CNAs in handling correct body alignment of patients and assisting them with range-of-motion exercises.
Key Responsibilities
• Administered douches and enemas.
• Prepared sterile dressings.
• Assisted patients with ambulation and encourage them to take part in physical activities.
• Proficient in taking and recording patients’ vitals such as temperature, pulse, and blood pressure readings in an accurate fashion.
• Provided support to physical therapists in carrying out physical therapy exercises.
• Took blood and urine samples, transport them to laboratories and follow up on results.

Nursing Aide Intern
Novant Health, Bradenton, FL
Jan 2011 – May 2013
Key Responsibilities
• Recorded patients’ vitals including body temperature, blood pressure, and pulse into their specific files.
• Observed patients for changes in conditions and responded to any emerging emergency situations.
• Assisted in starting IVs and applying dressings, along with monitoring heart monitor readings.
• Provided personal support services such as assistance with toileting, grooming, and bathing.
• Realigned or repositioned bedridden patients to ward off dangers of bedsores.
• Prepared meals and assisted patients in eating their meals.

Some College, Bradenton, FL – 2000
Associate of Science in Nursing Assistance

Florida State Certified Nurse Aide