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40 Mental Health Nurse Interview Questions and Answers

Assessing and planning nursing care requirements is not something that everyone can do. Hence, candidates for mental health nurse positions are scrutinized during the interview process to determine what their skills are. As an interviewee, it is your job to know the work inside out and to prepare for possible questions. A set of interview… Read More »

Entry Level Midwife Resume CV with No Experience

When you are just entering the workforce as a midwife, you should concentrate on your resume content. Making it a solid read through the provision of skills, qualifications, and training as a midwife is important. Tailoring your midwife’s resume to the needs of the hiring manager is most important. Mention relevant academic achievements and coursework… Read More »

Hobbies and Interests for a Nursing Resume

Believe it or not, a nursing resume can boast hobbies and interests. In fact, it should highlight what the candidate is up to in his or her free time. It is true that not too far off in the past, it was considered odd to mention what you do when you are not working. It… Read More »

Pediatric Nurse Resume Sample [+8 Tips]

Sample Resume for Pediatric Nurse Position Morgan Mann43 Rogers Lane, Lacey, WA 13364(000) 951-9654[Email] PEDIATRIC NURSE SUMMARYResults-oriented and compassionate Pediatric Registered Nurse with over 8 years of experience in delivering excellent care to infants and children. Proven track record in complex and intensive case handling. Ability to work in fast-paced and busy healthcare environment. Works… Read More »

4 Conflict Resolution Examples for Nursing Interview

One question that you may come across when appearing for an interview for a nursing position is how you resolve conflict. The question may seem quite straightforward to many people, but the answer to it is hardly easy to provide. As a nurse, you may come across many instances when your conflict resolution skills are… Read More »

Baby Nurse Resume Sample

A baby nurse’s resume has to be convincing to be able to gain a prospective employer’s attention. If you are applying directly, you will need to write one that tells a hiring manager that your skills cannot be matched.   In fact, all areas of the resume should focus on your professionalism as a baby… Read More »

Baby Nurse Cover Letter Sample

Working as a baby nurse is a very difficult job. You have to be a mother, and a nanny at the same time. Parents make sure that they scrutinize people for this position so that they can hire the best. This means that your cover letter to apply for this position needs to be extremely well-developed.… Read More »