State Tested Nurse Aide (STNA) Resume Sample

Updated November 20, 2016

Scannable resumes for state tested nurse aide position get accepted in a pinch. A scannable resume is one that a first level employee – usually a clerk – scans into the system as an image.

The end result may easily be an unreadable one (human error). To minimize the chances of this, make sure that the font size and type that you use is easy to read.

Relevant information, of course, gives your resume a longer life.

The following sample should help you:


State Tested Nurse Aide (STNA) Resume Sample


Allen Miller

20 Genesee Street | New Haven, CT 06515 | (000) 855-5142 | allenmiller @email .com


Great attention to details / Innovative thinking / Superb decision making

Performance Summary
Compassionate State Tested Nurse Aide with 6+ years of progressive experience in providing direct medical care to adult and geriatric patients. A pleasant and approachable individual who has an exceptionally positive manner and an inherent will to help others. Follows instructions precisely.

Professional Skills

– Nutrition Support – Personal Hygiene – Vital Signs
– Medication Administration – Mobility Support – Patient Counseling
– Adjunct Care – Action Documentation – Stability Upholding
– Patient Observation – Toilet Assistance – Safety Awareness

• Saved the life of an adult patient by quickly recognizing the signs of an oncoming heart attack while hospitalized and performing CPR measures
• Suggested introduction of a mobility support STNA team, leading to increased patient comfort and trust in the facility
• Successfully provided counseling to a patient who was on the verge of being diagnosed with clinical depression, saving him from going through excessive emotional interventions
• Devised a core menu (and recipe) for patients with diabetes and hypertension, in conjunction with the hospital kitchen staff


State Tested Nurse Aide
Saber Healthcare, New Haven, CT | 5/2012 – Present

• Read and comprehend patients’ medical plans and devise ways of ensuring that it is followed to the tee
• Provide patients with exceptional personal care such as assistance with bathing, toileting and grooming
• Assist patients with daily living activities such as getting out of bed, standing and walking
• Monitor and record patients’ vital signs and ensure that any significant changes are communicated to the nurse or doctor on duty
• Observe patients for signs of changing health or deterioration and provide immediate feedback to the doctor
• Ascertain the overall cleanliness and sanitization of patients’ rooms and bathrooms to keep diseases at bay
• Counsel or provide patients and their families with education on what to expect from a diagnosis and during procedures

Nursing Assistant
Health Center, New Haven, CT | 2/2009 – 5/2012

• Provided assistance to patients with toileting, bathing and washing activities
• Turned patients’ beds and changed linen on a regular basis
• Provided medication reminders according to their specific health plans and oversaw medicine administration
• Reported changes in patients’ physical or mental health statuses and provided emergency services during incidents such as heart attacks and strokes
• Promoted patients’ mental alertness by encouraging them to take part in in-hospital activities

Connecticut State Nursing Program, New Haven, CT
State Certified Nurse’s Aide

High School Diploma – 2009
New Haven Public School, New Haven, CT

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