Nurse Aide Resume for a Nursing Home

Updated on: November 3, 2015


While sifting through a bunch of resumes, how would you feel if you came across one that is exactly what you were looking for? As an employer, it is imperative to find the right person for a job. And if you find the perfect resume, chances are that the candidate will be perfect too – or near perfect at least.

A well-written resume indicates one very important thing –the candidate bothered to spend time and effort on creating one. A conscientious employee is something every company needs. And this is where conscientiousness is determined initially. How do you measure up? Want to know how you can measure up well? Take a look at the following resume sample:


Nurse Aide Resume for a Nursing Home


Rose Jones, CNA

534 Rising Moon Road ● Ashburn ● VA 23323 ● (999) 999-9999 ● rosejones @ email . com


Performance Summary: 7+ years’ experience in providing dedicated bedside care to patients. Well-versed in observing patients to determine their specific issues and dealing with them in a pertinent manner.

• Qualified to assist patients with their daily toileting and grooming needs, while maintaining their dignity
• Demonstrated expertise in taking and recording patients’ vitals such as temperature, pulse and blood pressure
• Proficient in observing patients for signs of distress or / and deterioration and immediately taken steps to counter them
• Adept at handling medical emergencies by employing exceptional skills in emergency aide


Ambulatory Care Medication Administration First Aid
Patient Monitoring Nutritional Care Patient Education
Infection Control Health Promotion Paint Management
Critical Care Sanitization Medical Equipment Setup

NOVANT RESIDENTIAL HEALTH, Ashburn, VA (6/2010 to Present)
Nurse Aid
• Assess residents’ conditions and review implemented care plans
• Ascertain that dedicated care plans are followed accurately
• Provide residents with assistance in bathing, washing, toileting and grooming
• Keep resident comfortable by ensuring that their surroundings are conducive to their needs
• Educate residents and their families about daily personal care and medical procedures
• Provide ambulatory care by wheeling residents from one place to another and accompanying them on appointments and recreational activities
• Ascertain that residents are served meals on time and in accordance to their specific nutritional needs
• Set up medical equipment and provide assistance with medical procedures
• Answer calls for help and provide first aid and CPR during emergencies
• Observe changes in residents’ conditions and provide feedback to the nurse manager or doctor
• Create and keep records of residents’ personal information in a confidential manner

• Rehabilitated a patient with acute memory loss whose initial diagnosis stated life-long admission in a nursing home
• Introduced a series of balanced diets for residents suffering from diabetes and hypertension
• Implemented advanced infection control systems which reduced exposure to viral infections by 66%
• Trained 8 fellow nurse aides in handling patient / family education which reduced costs of hiring a specialized patient educator

SAVA HEALTHCARE, Ashburn, VA (1/2010 to 5/2010)
• Provided residents with help in dressing, grooming, bathing and toileting
• Acted as a source of companionship and comfort during distressing episodes
• Accompanied residents on recreational activities and doctors’ appointments
• Ascertained that residents are kept comfortable by ensuring that their surroundings are conducive to healing
• Transported residents to procedure rooms by pushing their wheelchairs

Associate of Science in Nursing

Virginia State Certified Nursing Assistant

Category: CNA