Nurse Technician Resume Example

Updated on: April 24, 2021

As a concrete block of information, a nurse technician resume is considered all-encompassing. It has all the information that a hiring manager will need to decide on calling you for an interview.

While the cover letter helps too, it is the resume that most hiring managers are interested in.

Remember that each cover letter that you write focuses a reader’s attention on the accompanying resume. So the resume is, in fact, an important document and needs to be taken seriously.

Everything matters in a resume.

When you begin writing one, do not for a moment think that you do not need to pay attention to all parts. You do.

To see what well-written resumes look like, have a look at the following resume example for a nurse technician position:

Nurse Technician Resume Example

Cynthia Patterson
4055 E 17th Street 
Indianapolis, IN 44991 
(999) 999-9999
cynpat @ email . com


Compassionate nurse technician who has had liberal exposure in handling level 1 patient care. Well-versed in assisting patients with basic personal care while maintaining their dignity.

• Demonstrated expertise in providing adjunct care by administering enemas, douches, and non-sterile dressings
• Hands-on experience in maintaining patient stability by checking vital signs and recording intake and output information
• Qualified to explain specifics of patient testing procedures to families while keeping their emotions in mind
• Competent in performing specified diagnostics tests such as catheter insertion and appropriate casting and splinting duties

• Data Collection
• Bedside Care
• Diagnostic Testing
• Patient Transportation
• Patient Education
• Reports Generation
• Infection Control
• Emergency Care
• Equipment Operations
• Examination Support
• Medication Administration
• Specimen Collection

• Saved a cancer patient from self-harm following a particularly distressing session of chemotherapy.
• Reorganized the patient data collection method by introducing an electronic records system.
• Wrote a booklet on advanced procedures carried out by the facility as part of their patient/family education program.
• Increased patient interest in rehabilitation services provided by the facility, thereby increasing the number of enlisted patients.


Nurse Technician
OSF HEALTHCARE, Indianapolis, IN
(6/2012 to Present)
• Engage patients in conversation to determine their mental and physical conditions.
• Provide bedside and personal care such as bathing, toileting, grooming, and changing.
• Assist patients at mealtimes to ensure that they partake in proper quantities of food.
• Assist patients with personal hygiene by providing urinals and bedpans.
• Administer enemas, douches, surgical preps, ice and heat packs, and therapeutic baths.
• Take and record patient vitals such as temperature, blood pressure, and pulse.
• Ascertain that patients are kept comfortable throughout the day by prepping them up in their beds and ensuring that their beds and rooms are kept clean and sterilized.
• Administer medication listed in the patient care program and provide feedback to nurse manager in case any medicine has an adverse effect.
• Transport patients to and from examination rooms and surgical units.
• Observe patients for signs of distress and intervene or ask nurse managers to intervene on an immediate basis.

Student Nurse
(1/2010 to 5/2012)
• Assisted patients in handling their personal needs such as bathing, toileting, and grooming.
• Provided support for using bedpans and urinals.
• Took samples of blood and other body fluids for diagnostic purposes.
• Checked patients’ vitals such as temperature, pulse, and blood pressure and ensured that nurse managers are informed of any irregularities.
• Handled the general cleanliness, maintenance, and sterilization of patient areas.
• Assist in changing bed linen and ensuring that any spills are promptly cleaned up.


AS Degree in Nursing