How to get a Job as a Hostess

Updated on: July 1, 2016

Getting a job as a hostess may seem like a walk in the park, but seriously, it is quite a complicated thing to do. But then that goes for any job, really! Since we have taken the example of a hostess, let’s stick to how to get a job as a hostess particularly. First things first – if you are looking for a hostess job, you need to first look through the listings. See if there are any openings in your local newspaper. If there is a particular restaurant that you want to work for, go through their website to see if there is a vacancy. And then channelize your energies in obtaining that particular position.

Once you have established that you want to work in a particular organization, or have narrowed down your search to 2 or 3 restaurants, begin by creating a job application set. This should include a resume, a cover letter and a profile, just in case it is relevant to the position. But in all honesty, you will probably need just the resume and the cover letter to get to the interview stage.

Here are the three steps that you will need to go through to successfully obtain a job as a hostess:


This is probably the part that will take up most of your time. Make sure that your resume for hostess position is not a generic one – it must chart out your previous experience as a hostess / waitress and associated skills. If you have held a previous job as a hostess, make sure that you mention all relevant experiences in your resume. Add previous relevant accomplishments and skills and you are good to go!

Cover Letter

The hostess cover letter needs to be written in a manner that it complements the resume. Articulate all your accomplishments as a hostess and mention how you acquired experience in a hotel or restaurant setting. Your cover letter too needs to be absolutely spot on with the job description. Chart out how you can work for long hours on your feet, what your customer service skills are and how much you know about the food service industry.


Once you are done with both the cover letter and the resume, it is time to wait for the interview call. If you have handled the first two steps properly, nothing can stop you from getting to the interview stage. Here, you need to prepare hostess interview really well. Dress to kill but within the confines of decency. Show that you are a thorough professional by speaking politely – this will give off the impression that you know how to handle customers. Remember that whatever you portray in the interview, will come back to you as a favor, or to haunt you. Make sure that it does the former!