Why do you want to be a Restaurant Hostess?

Restaurant hostess is a fancy name for a waitress working in a restaurant. The job responsibilities of restaurants hostesses are many and they have to be on their feet all the time. Restaurants hostesses are responsible for greeting customers as they enter, seating them, providing them with the menu, taking their orders and delivering their orders to them.

At each of these steps, a restaurant hostess is required to project professionalism coupled with hospitality and customer care skills. She will need to be well dressed – no revealing clothes or flashy makeup – and will require to be smiling at all times. Hostesses are required to take orders and this is why it is important for them to listen carefully in order to ensure that the order is delivered accurately.

A common question every applicant for the position of a restaurant hostess will be asked is Why do you want to be a restaurant hostess? There are several reasons people want to apply for this position. Since most restaurant hostess applicants are students, they want to work at this position to gain some experience of the hospitality industry and earn some cash without having to polish their skills much.

When asked this question at an interview, there are several answers that you can provide the employer. In your answer, emphasize on what employer want from you – not what you want from employer.

Of course it all depends on what your real reasons for wanting to work at this position is but let us look at some common answers an employer would expect:

Why do you want to be a Restaurant Hostess?

Bad Answer

I would like to be a restaurant hostess because I eventually want to take up a career in the hospitality industry and this will provide me with some basic experience on what I require.

Good Answers

1. I want to become a Restaurant Hostess in order to make the most of my hospitality skills and customer service expertise to make every guest feel comfortable. I am eager to turn first time diners into returning visitors through providing them with memorable customer service.

2. Due to the fact that I am highly skilled in providing tier one service and being very detail oriented, I believe that this is a tempting position for someone who wants to prove her skills in the food service industry.

3. Being a restaurant hostess can help me work in an atmosphere I thrive in the most – customer services in a food service setting.

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