Job Description

The primary task of a host or hostess in any kind of setting is to create a welcoming and warm environment for guests as they enter the premise such as restaurant or bar. They are responsible for greeting patrons and guests, seating them on a suitable table as well as supporting the food servers and bus attendants.

‘Summary of Qualifications’ or ‘Skills and Abilities’ section of a Hostess Resume is significant because it will show your core competencies or qualifications which employer is seeking. This section might also be called as strengths (for candidates having no experience) or capabilities.

Following is a list of possible qualifications and skills for hostess that you might consider adding to your resume. You may have additional hospitality skills that are not incorporated in this list. But you can use them as per job description given in advertisement.

Sample Hostess Qualifications, Skills and Abilities

• Highly skilled in greeting guests, escorting them to tables, and providing them with menu and daily specials

• Demonstrated ability to anticipate and address guests’ service needs and thank guests with genuine pleasure

• Substantial knowledge of common menus of bars, restaurant and room service

• Well-versed in greeting guests and answering telephones in a suitable manner

• Hands-on experience in assigning work tasks and organizing activities of dining room workers to make sure timely and organized service for patrons

• Proven record of inspecting dining room serving stations for tidiness and sanitation

• Able to ensure special requests are lodged and passed to restaurant staff

• Proven ability to adjust complaints of patrons and guests

• Competent at making sure that all guest supplies are filled

• Special talent for maintaining inventory

• Committed to provide exemplary guest and hospitality service

• Personable, friendly and self-reliant

• Known to work calmly and efficiently in fast-paced and busy environments

• Effective team-player with a special focus on achieving employer goals

• Accurate and thorough in bill calculation and collection

• Talented in following recipes and portions when preparing food and beverages

• Recognized for meeting productivity standards and completing work on time

• Communication: Able to communicate effectively in English and Spanish

• Computer: MS Word and MS Excel