Bob Evans Hostess Job Description, Duties, and Tasks

Updated on: April 4, 2022

A Bob Evans hostess probably has one of the most challenging jobs to do in the restaurant. Representing a chain that is as popular as Bob Evans, one has to be on her toes all the time.

As a hostess at Bob Evans, one has to possess great insight into handling many customers at all times – multitasking is a skill that is imperative while working in this role.

Since Bob Evans requires all its staff members to provide the best in customer service, it is important for hostesses to take orders correctly and ensure that they are delivered on time.

Greeting customers, seating them appropriately, ensuring that servers serve them water and drinks on time, and of course, handling bill settlement procedures is foremost for anyone working in this role.

Before you are interviewed for the position of a Bob Evans hostess, make sure that you have visited one of its restaurants at least once. This will give you an idea of what the organization does and how it operates on any typical day.

You will also get a hunch about the expectations that will be directed at you if you are hired as a hostess here. Some of the main duties of a Bob Evans hostess include:

Bob Evans Hostess Job Duties and Responsibilities

• Greet customers as they arrive at the Bob Evans restaurant and judge how many people need to seat.

• Lead customers to their tables and ensure that they are comfortable where they are seated.

• Offer menus to customers and assist them in choosing from a variety of dishes, according to their specific likes.

• Provide suggestions by making customers aware of the day’s special and any deals that Bob Evans may be offering.

• Take orders for food and beverages and repeat the order to ensure its accuracy.

• Provide customers with a timeline of delivery and timely relay the order to a server or the backend.

• Follow up on orders to ensure that they are prepared and delivered in a time-efficient manner.

• Oversee servers to make sure that they check the portioning of each order and deliver them to awaiting customers according to the protocol.

• Take orders for additional food and drinks and ensure that they are expedited.

• Coordinate efforts with cashiers by providing them with information on each table’s orders and providing bills to the customer.

• Ensure that change is tendered and encourage customers to count their change.

• Coordinate custodial services to ensure that the restaurant is cleaned and sanitized and that tables are properly and timely laid.