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Server Resume Example

A server resume is the most important job application document needed to apply for a new job. The dos and don’ts of server resume writing are many and it is often confusing what needs to be done to make sure that a perfect resume is written. With a little bit of interest, however, we can… Read More »

Host Hard and Soft Skills for Resume

You know about your skills and how you have used them to work successfully in the past. But a prospective employer doesn’t. So they need to be told. Mentioning your skills on a resume is the best method of communicating your potential. There are many different types of skills related to the host position that… Read More »

How to get a Hostess Job with No Experience?

The foodservice industry has very high standards especially when it comes to hiring personnel. The main reason for this scrutiny is that a service-based organization relies heavily on its staff for customer satisfaction and quality work. Hostesses are very important members of a restaurant or a hotel because they provide first contact services to the… Read More »

Hostess Job Description for Resume

Position Overview A hostess performs the first-tier job; this means that any customer coming into a restaurant or hotel will be greeted by a hostess initially. Possessing the role of the first contact, a hostess position is crucial as a customer will deem the rest of the hospitality setting as good or bad as initially… Read More »