How to Dress for a Hostess Interview? Complete Guide

Updated: March 31, 2023

Interviews can be the deciding factor in a job application process which is why they need to be taken very seriously.

This is especially true for a hostess position in which customer service is the primary focus.

While the cliche that the first impression is the last impression has long been proven wrong, it is evident in its most real form where customers are concerned.

It is mostly because a hostess projects a company’s image by the way she dresses and conducts herself.

While it is important for a hostess to dress appropriately when at work, it is much more important to dress well when appearing for an interview.

Remember! Employers look for professionalism at every level.


The best bet for a hostess working in a hospitality environment is to wear a modest blouse or shirt with pants and close-toed heels or flats. This should be reflected at the time of the interview.

Personal Hygiene

As the job of the hostess is all about hygiene, your nails should be clean and well-groomed during the interview. Keep away from extremes of nail length and polish color. You can use light-colored nail polish – no blues, blacks, reds, or oranges!


It will be a good idea to do light blush with a little bit of makeup and mascara so that you don’t look lazy – but, black eyeliner and dark red lipstick are out.


Another good tip for dressing for an interview for the position of the hostess is to ensure that your hair is neatly tied back with a pin or a band. It does not look very professional to keep pulling your hair back with your hands and get flustered because of it getting into your hair.


Jewelry is out; use limited jewelry.


Don’t forget to use a light scent before leaving for the interview.