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Lead Host Resume Sample

If you want to apply for an advertised position of lead host, then you will need to write a cover letter and resume. A lead host resume is not considered as a good resume if it does not contain the right information, structured in the proper manner. Here is a sample to help you out:… Read More »

Lead Host Cover Letter Sample

The cover letter is the most critical part of the lead host job application set, as it provides hiring managers with a lot of information on what the candidate is all about. However, not all cover letters have the capacity to say much about an individual. One has to be great with words if one… Read More »

Lead Host Job Description for Resume

General Job Description A lead host is an individual who has successfully climbed the ladder to this position, after working as a host in a hospitality environment. The work of an individual working as a lead host includes handling guests within a hotel or restaurant environment, ensuring that they are given high-quality services at all… Read More »

Park Host Job Description

Working as a park host can be a fascinating thing to do, especially if you want to remain in sync with nature. A park host is responsible for handling guests and visitors, by providing them with information of the different types of attractions that the park offers, and leading or directing them to those particular… Read More »

Camp Host Job Description

Position Overview A camp host is an individual who has the responsibility of providing one on one services to visitors, and camp participants. These people usually work in dedicated camps, where their main duty is to make sure that campgrounds are maintained properly, and that activities are handled in a profound manner. Many people begin… Read More »

Hotel Hostess Job Description

Job Description A hotel hostess position is not the same as that of a restaurant hostess, although some duties may overlap. Typically, a hotel hostess is required to greet guests when they arrive at the hotel, and make sure that they are properly looked after. They inquire into guests’ reservations, coordinate efforts to ensure that… Read More »

Cruise Ship Host Job Description

A cruise ship host is the first and the last person passengers meet when they board and disembark. The main responsibility of a cruise ship host is to greet passengers, ensure that they are properly housed in their cabins, and to make sure that they are provided with all the amenities and services that they… Read More »

How to get a Job as a Hostess

Getting a job as a hostess may seem like a walk in the park, but seriously, it is quite a complicated thing to do. But then that goes for any job, really! Since we have taken the example of a hostess, let’s stick to how to get a job as a hostess particularly. First things… Read More »