Position Overview

A hostess performs a first tier job; this means that any customer coming into a restaurant or hotel will be greeted by a hostess initially. Possessing the role of first contact, a hostess position is extremely important as a customer will deem the rest of the hospitality setting as good or bad as initially portrayed.

Having established that a hostess’s work is pivotal to the success of any restaurant, they must understand the importance of proper etiquette and service standards along with the ability to take direction and work in a team environment. Hostesses need to be able to work around difficult situations and must possess exceptional organizational and problem solving abilities.

If you are applying for a hostess job, you will need to ensure that you fit the job description of a hostess perfectly in order to be able to do justice to the job. A carefully written experience section of a hostess resume will maximize the chances of hostess interview.

Hostess Job Description for Resume

• Greet guests and patrons personally as they enter into the establishment

• Receive and record dining reservations on the telephone

• Ensure the proper setup of dining and service areas

• Offer appropriate seats using truly personable demeanor

• Politely request guests to wait in waiting area if no table is available

• Ensure neatness and cleanliness of stations

• Present menus, make recommendations and take orders

• Ensure the quantity of food is sufficient to cater to the number of guests

• Relay orders to the kitchen and ensure all orders are filled in a timely and accurate fashion

• Maintain clean and organized tables and work area

• Assist room service staff when needed

• Manage event related work including setting up tables and maintaining both exterior and interior of the restaurant

• Resolve guests’ concerns in a prompt manner

• Prepare food and beverages when needed

• Liaise between staff and customers to ensure great service

• Order table linens, napkins and other dining room supplies

While this job description list states the essential job duties of a hostess, it is, by no means, a complete list of duties as this position requires an individual to work in a manner that the employer describes. In that case, you may modify these phrases as per employer’s requirements.