How to get a Hostess Job with No Experience?

Updated on: March 6, 2022

The foodservice industry has very high standards especially when it comes to hiring personnel.

The main reason for this scrutiny is that a service-based organization relies heavily on its staff for customer satisfaction and quality work.

Hostesses are very important members of a restaurant or a hotel because they provide first contact services to the customers and are responsible for the recurring business.

A hostess greets customers as they enter the establishment and lead them to their seats. She offers them the menu, takes orders, and relays orders to the kitchen.

They also ensure that the correct order is given to the kitchen staff and also check for order accuracy and quality when delivering the order to the customer.

Once a customer left, a hostess is expected to clean tables, take dishes away and also ensure that the tables are bussed again for the next customer. Hostesses need to be on their feet all the time which is why it is important for them to be physically agile.

If you have no practical experience, you still can compete with experienced candidates by preparing a compelling job application and preparing for the interview.

Preparing a Job Application Set

When applying for a position as a hostess, one needs to ensure that all documents are in order to make an impression especially if one does not have experience. The foremost thing to do is to write an impressive resume (See: Hostess resume with No Experience).

Since you have no experience in hand, you will need to select a functional or skills-based resume. Maybe a cafeteria job at the school that you did during summer vacations can be a plus or just the fact that you can work on your feet for a long period of time – it might be the deciding factor.

Besides a resume, a well-written cover letter that builds up on your skills will be an added help. Support your resume by writing an entry-level cover letter for a hostess position.

Interview Tips & Dress Code

At the hostess interview, the first thing that you need to ensure is the proper dressing.

Low necklines and miniskirts are out.

A longer skirt with a modest-looking blouse should do the trick. Tie up your hair to add that air of professionalism and smile as you enter the interview room.

Show Confidence

Show confidence through a confident tone – even if you do not feel it.

Answers all questions with a professional attitude and if you do not know the answer to a question, just say that you are not sure!

We hope that these guidelines will help entry-level hostesses get their first job.