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18 Sales Representative Achievements for Resume

An achievement-oriented sales representative’s resume brings great attention from the hiring manager’s end. As a sales representative, it is important that you take the achievements or accomplishments section of your resume seriously. To do this, you will need to make a list of your achievements before you write your resume. If you haven’t kept track… Read More »

Top 6 Sales Rep Interview Questions and Answers

Interviews are not a problem if one takes preparation into account. For a sales representative position, the following set of questions and answers can be referred to for preparation: 6 Common Sales Representative Interview Questions and Answers 1. What is it about sales that encouraged you to work in this capacity? I have always found the… Read More »

6 Outside Sales Rep Interview Questions and Answers

Outside Sales Representative Interviews can be quite jarring to go through, especially if you haven’t prepared well. The key here is preparation. Going through the following set of interview questions and answers will help you along: 6 Common Outside Sales Representative Interview Questions and Answers 1. What made you decide to find your niche in outside sales?… Read More »

FMCG Sales Rep Cover Letter Sample

In a scenario where securing a job has become a challenge even for well-qualified candidates, the importance of a well-written cover letter cannot be denied. There is no simple formula to create compelling cover letters since these are highly situation-dependent. That is why career guidance professionals advise candidates to write their cover letters each time… Read More »