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HVAC Sales Representative Cover Letter Sample

Working in HVAC sales is challenging work. Since you have to convince people to buy HVAC systems, it is imperative that you possess the right skill set to do this. And all the skills that you possess must be put into a cover letter to convince the hiring manager to hire you. Your HVAC sales representative… Read More »

18 Sales Representative Achievements for Resume

An achievement-oriented sales representative resume brings great attention from the hiring manager’s end. As a sales representative, it is important that you take the achievements or accomplishments section of your resume seriously. To do this, you will need to make a list of your achievements before you write your resume. If you haven’t kept track… Read More »

Top 10 Sales Representative Resume Objective Examples

A sales representative is usually the first person you meet when you enter in a store. Working mostly in retail settings, sales representatives perform many duties such as assisting customers in locating products, explaining product features to them and helping them throughout their shopping. They play an important role in customer retention as it is… Read More »