18 Sales Representative Achievements for Resume

Updated: January 21, 2023

An achievement-oriented sales representative’s resume brings great attention from the hiring manager’s end.

As a sales representative, it is important that you take the achievements or accomplishments section of your resume seriously. To do this, you will need to make a list of your achievements before you write your resume.

If you haven’t kept track of your sales achievements, you will need to go back and look. It could be something as simple as a high number of sales that you made in a single day. Whatever quantifies your work is considered an achievement.

It is important to realize that your achievements will determine if you will be hired or not, amongst other things.

One of the most important sections of a sales representative’s resume is the achievements section.

In this section of a Sales Representative Resume, you must highlight as many accomplishments as possible, which are relevant to your job as a sales representative.

Some achievements statements that you can use are provided here:

Sales Representative Achievements Page Image

Top 18 Achievements for Sales Representative Resume

  1. Successfully sold 50 products on the same day, on a particularly busy shift.
  2. Cultivated relationships with the marketing and sales departments, increasing customer service value by 50%.
  3. Created a robust sales pipeline, hence, identified 30 new leads on a daily basis.
  4. Analyzed sales data from designated territories that helped evolve sales strategies.
  5. Exceeded monthly sales targets by bringing 50 new clients on board within a month.
  6. Received Sales Representative of the Year Award owing to constantly meeting sales goals.
  7. Proved to be invaluable during a visual marketing campaign, by providing excellent display setup services.
  8. Provided excellent customer service to an irate customer, as a result, retained his business.
  9. Worked on 2 back to back shifts during a particularly busy time at the store.
  10. Expedited 10 customers’ problem resolution, therefore, ensuring repeat business opportunities.
  11. Suggested incorporation of an online sales system, which increased sales by $40000 per year.
  12. Trained 13 other sales representatives as part of their induction period.
  13. Singlehandedly maintained records of 100+ customers, ensuring integrity and confidentiality.
  14. Consistently achieved self and company goals for 5 years in a row.
  15. Exceeded sales goals by 100% during the first 5 months after training.
  16. Created and presented sales information to customers during seminars, and customer education sessions.
  17. Suggested applicable and relevant upsells to customers, as a result, increased sales by 12%.
  18. Resolved a particularly difficult situation with a customer, by focusing on root cause analysis.

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