HVAC Sales Representative Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: November 20, 2020

Working in HVAC sales is challenging work. Since you have to convince people to buy HVAC systems, it is imperative that you possess the right skill set to do this. And all the skills that you possess must be put into a cover letter to convince the hiring manager to hire you.

Your HVAC sales representative cover letter should depict your knowledge of developing and maintaining relationships with assigned customer bases.

The ability to establish working relationships with vendors should also be made part of your cover letter.

As an applicant for this position, you must focus on your knowledge of performing outside sales activities, and prepare estimates for different customers.

In order to convince the hiring manager to hire you for an HVAC sales representative position, you must focus on providing solid skills information.

Here is a cover letter sample to help you along:

HVAC Sales Representative Cover Letter Example

Harry Gandolf
(000) 776-3125
[email protected]

November 20, 2020

Mr. Gary Chase
Human Resource Manager
Danisi Energy
2004 Brink Avenue
Medford, OR 29745

Dear Mr. Chase:

I am interested in working as an HVAC Sales Representative for Danisi Energy. I feel that I have the right skills set for this position, as I have worked in a similar capacity at Ferguson. With over 5 years of consistent achievements in a sales capacity, I am sure that I am the right person to consider for this position.

As a results-oriented individual, I leave no stone unturned to do my job well. Excellent expertise in client relationship management, and ensuring customer satisfaction also make me a good choice for this role.

With regards to specifics, I have the following skills to offer:

  • Exceptional know-how of preparing estimates for equipment, materials, projects, and services.
  • Deeply familiar with developing proposals involving cost-effectiveness and ROI calculations.
  • Expert in convincing prospective clients to invest in solid HVAC solutions.
  • Able to conduct post-sale follow-ups with clients to ensure that all agreements have been accomplished.

I have the ability to foster strong relationships with clients, and strategic associates. I have exceeded all my targets in my present place of work, and have received an “Outstanding Achievement” trophy for my willingness to work, and exceed sales goals.

My references will be happy to discuss my positive work attitude, and accomplishments with you. If you need further information regarding my abilities, please feel free to call me at (000) 776-3125.

Thank you for your consideration.


Harry Gandolf

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