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Child Caretaker Resume Sample

Writing a child caretaker resume will require you to convince the employer about your abilities. Particularly, you will need to highlight your skills in supervising the activities of children. Since this work is challenging, you will have to show the recruiter how well-qualified you are for it. There is a lot that you can write in a… Read More »

Governess Resume Sample

As a comprehensive document, your Governess resume needs to say a lot about what you have been doing before you applied for a governess job. The governess resume which you build has to be “smart”. That said, it should speak to the employer in a way that he or she deems best.  A little like… Read More »

Infant Nanny Resume Sample

Creating the ideal resume as an infant nanny involves striking a perfect balance between your professional qualifications and the personal flair that showcases your affinity for child care. Whether you’re looking to join a new family or work with an established nanny agency, your resume acts as a crucial bridge between your skills and your… Read More »

Nanny Housekeeper Resume Sample

A nanny/housekeeper resume or CV is an important document that highlights your skills, achievements, and experiences under different sections. Writing a Nanny/Housekeeper CV is an art, not a science. The goal of writing a resume is not to add your information into a particular resume template, but to highlight your experience and skills.  Write a… Read More »

Nanny Achievements and Accomplishments for Resume

Employers like nanny resumes that are achievement-oriented. Sometimes job seekers, despite being professionally successful, find it challenging to write quantified nanny accomplishments that are worth mentioning. There is an easy way to do this. Instead of searching for documented accomplishments in your past career, look into your daily job duties and present them as accomplishments by… Read More »

Nanny Job Description and Duties for Resume

Nanny Job Description Busy parents often hire nannies when they are unable to look after their children at home. Nannies provide childcare services to infants and children at the employer’s home. They take charge of infants, pre-schoolers, and school-going children in the absence of parents. Usually, they work for nanny agencies or in private capacities. If you are applying for… Read More »

Summer Nanny Resume Sample

Summer nannies are compassionate and trained professionals who provide childcare during the summer months when the schools are out. This job might be part-time or full-time depending on the clients’ needs. Summer nannies provide the same service as any other babysitter or nanny does – personal care to the children under their supervision, feeding, at… Read More »