Nanny Achievements and Accomplishments for Resume

Updated on: September 26, 2020

Employers like nanny resumes that are achievement-oriented. Sometimes job seekers, despite being professionally successful, find it challenging to write quantified nanny accomplishments that are worth mentioning.

There is an easy way to do this. Instead of searching for documented accomplishments in your past career, look into your daily job duties and present them as accomplishments by re-phrasing the nanny job description.

How to Write Great Achievements Statements on a Nanny Resume or CV?
  1. Think of your job description in terms of numbers and impact.
  2. Follow the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) approach. That is to say, write about the situation that arose, tasks that were needed to be done, what action you took,  and how you generated an excellent result.

Here are some sample accomplishments for a nanny resume.

Sample Achievements/Accomplishments for Nanny Resume

• Reduced the family expenditure on readymade food by 30%, by introducing quick homemade meals that were equally delicious and healthy.

• Achieved parents’ satisfaction level by 100% throughout the nanny career.

• Timely identified dyslexia in a child, which led to the child receiving special education to overcome his learning disability in an excellent manner.

• Carried out basic life support protocol with an epileptic child and rushed her timely to the hospital, thus saving her life.

• Successfully resolved bedwetting issues of a 6-year-old child by determining and addressing the psychological causes underlying the behavior.

• Taught self-help skills to a child with Down’s syndrome successfully, she is now able to carry out personal grooming independently.

• Identified and reported a case of child abuse resulting in the matter being investigated in detail and the child is now provided with complete protection.

• Considerably improved the health of a 5-year-old lethargic boy by engaging him in fun-filled physical exercises and consequently enhancing his appetite.

• Facilitated an eight-year-old obese child in losing 10 pounds, by implementing a proper diet plan and work out routines.

• Conducted excellent preventive maintenance in the house saving $2000 annually on household repair cost.

• Earned the most dedicated nanny award in 2019.

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