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Updated: January 27, 2021
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Writing a child caretaker resume will require you to convince the employer about your abilities. Particularly, you will need to highlight your skills in supervising the activities of children.

Since this work is challenging, you will have to show the recruiter how well-qualified you are for it. There is a lot that you can write in a resume for a child caretaker position, for instance, your ability to nurture, as well as inherent patience. All this information will serve to convince the recruiter that you are an excellent choice.

A resume sample for a child caretaker position is provided below for you to take ideas from.

Child Caretaker Resume Sample

Jim Cowell
788 Vine Street, Richmond, VA66032
(000) 965-6258


Nurturing child caretaker with over 8 years of hands-on experience with children of different age groups. Talented in providing care to children to help them physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. Ability to assist parents in providing education to children.

• Implemented a “learn through play” system, therefore, increased children’s interest in learning.
• Introduced a meal plan especially for toddlers, which significantly increased their interest in healthy food.
• Explicitly devised a physical development program, notably improving children’s physical states.
• Developed children’s interest in education due to the implementation of school readiness programs.


Child Caretaker
Child Assistance Co., Richmond, VA           
• Develop and implement child-focused programs.
• Confer with parents in order to determine children’s specific needs and personalities.
• Plan structured activities such as playtime and education.
• Oversee children in order to ensure their safety and wellbeing.
• Prepare nutritional food for children while ensuring that they partake in their meals.
• Help children with personal needs including diaper changes and toileting.
• Handle emergencies such as accidents and injuries by performing First Aid.

Rainbow Services, Richmond, VA               
• Communicated with parents to find out children’s particular habits and personalities.
• Provided care and nurturing to children intending to keep them safe.
• Instructed children in health and personal habits such as eating, resting, and toileting.
• Evaluated children’s performances and recorded behavior issues.
• Organized and stored toys and reading materials.
• Maintained the children’s room in an organized and orderly state.

High School Diploma
Richmond High School, Richmond, VA

• Physical Development
• Emergency Handling
• Safety Assurance
• Personal Needs Assistance
• Meal Preparation
• Hygiene Promotion
• Activities Organizing
• Schedule Development
• Special Needs Assistance
• Progress Recording
• Behavior Management
• School Readiness


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